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Friday, 24 June 2011

A couple of days in Worcester.

Hi Folks.
Yesterday we left the boat and set off for the centre of Worcester, with a view to finding our feet. We walked up past the Commandery, which we will visit another time, after all there is no pint in seeing all the sights in one go, we should leave something for another day.
We strolled up and down the Worcester streets, many of them covered in cobble stones. The Tudor buildings are really beautiful and transport you back in time.
One of the first places we visited was The Tudor House. Built circa 1575, the house up until the 19th century had been a home, workshop for weavers, clothiers, brewers, bakers and painters. It had also been a tavern named the Cross Keys. At the start of the 20th century it was owned by Richard Cadbury, who was a Quaker, he wanted to provide a place for local people, where they could buy non-alcoholic drinks, his coffee shop remained open until 1920. The building then became a school clinic and a dentist. When WWII came about it was used as an Air Raid Warden's post and billeting office, that was closed in 2003 and was re-opened as a heritage centre in 2004. So it has had a wide and varied life, but is still standing. Each room in the building shows off what it was used for through the centuries and a guide is on hand to explain its life so far.
King Charles House dates from 1577 and is one of the cities most historic buildings. After King Charles II was defeated in the battle or Worcester in September 3rd 1651, he escaped capture, by nipping out the back door of this property, closely followed by Cromwell's forces. King Charles II was then exiled in France. These days the building is a restaurant. The restaurant is said to have a dungeon on the ground floor, where Judge William Berkeley supposedly kept his victims who awaited trial. It is a delightful building.
Some of the Georgian and Victorian buildings are really stunning. I bet their walls could tell a few tales from the past.
Time for tea, or so this pair of pigeons thought, but Keith showed them the door. We were in need of a cup of tea, so popped into a lovely cafe, as we walked in these pigeons were picking up the crumbs. But inside a cafe is no place for pigeons, so they left full and contented.
After a lovely afternoon seeing the sights, we walked back to the boat feeling everso slightly shattered. We were both in bed by 10pm completely frazzled.

Friday 24th June.

Today was again sight seeing day, we had a vague plan to see the Cathedral and to visit the Antique shops. We got to the Cathedral at around 9.45am. As we walked through the doors the organ was playing. This evening they have a concert, so I think someone was getting in some practice. With music bellowing out around the cathedral, it gave you an idea of what it is like when they hold big services there. The Cathedral is exquisite and a must see. The only thing we did not do whilst in there was go up the tower, that did not open until 11am, so we will do it another time.
After the Cathedral, we walked and walked trying to find the Antique Centre, only to find it was no longer there. We did however find a few other Antique shops which we browsed around. We then visited the Arts Gallery and Museum, where we enjoyed the collections of the Worcestershire Regiment and Yeomanry, which was very educational.
After all this culture it was time for lunch, so we found the Angel Chef a Chinese Buffet, where we enjoyed a fabulous lunch. The place was pretty much empty when we arrived, but by the time we left it was almost full. Feeling full and contented, we strolled around the city, we ended up in Primark again looking at dresses. I feel the need to get out of trousers and so wanted Keith's opinion on what sort of dress would suit me. I came away with two dresses, which will go nicely with the sandals I bought yesterday.
We are now back on the boat watching Film4. We are not sure what we are doing tomorrow, as we both feel we may like to move off, itchy feet syndrome is taking hold again.

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