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Sunday, 12 June 2011

A soggy Sunday.

Hi Friends.

To say it is soggy is a little bit of an understatement at the moment, because it is pouring down with rain. I am not complaining about the rain though because we do need it right now if we are not going to suffer later in the summer. There are already hosepipe bans in some areas.
When I woke up this morning it wasn't raining and when I looked over at the clock it read 4am, so I was all ready to snuggle down under the duvet and snooze for a little longer, but Keith then informed me that the clock was incorrect and in in fact it was 7am. With that in mind, I got up and put the kettle on and plugged in the TV aerial so we could lay in bed and watch morning TV on a Sunday. This is becoming quite a habit. Eventually I did drag myself out of bed, as the rain started dancing on the roof of the boat. Paddy was in for a wet walk, which I just knew would not please him and that was clear on his face as we stepped off of the boat.
Back on board Keith began cooking us a breakfast of Poached Eggs and Bacon on Toast. Paddy and Marmite and Paddy had their breakfast and then Paddy lay in his bed trying to dry himself. After my very yummy breakfast, I relit the back cabin stove to take the chill off of the boat. This was a signal to Marmite that the back cabin was the warmest place on the boat, and so she took up her position on the side bed, where she is still asleep.
9.30am and I fired up the generator to charge the batteries and heat the water for the day. Now last evening I noticed that when I turned the generator off it made a knocking noise, so once the batteries were charged I wanted to see if the same thing happened and yup it did. There was a loud knocking coming from the generator. Now this was either something very simple or a major headache for us, thankfully having stripped the soundproofing board away and taken the shelving apart, we began to search for the problem. At first we could not figure it out, but after a lot of fiddling about, Keith found that the drain pipe for the oil was knocking on the guard for the engines flywheel. So we then put everything back in place and hope that this will have cured the problem, we will find out later when we run the generator for the evenings charging. All these little problems makes for a lot of work, but at least it was nothing major.
It is now 5.40pm and still chucking it down, but we are n ice and cosy inside the boat. Dinner is almost cooked and then we will settle down to watch the F1 race from Canada. Tomorrow we will be heading off back down the Shroppie to Autherley Junction where we will turn right.

Chat soon xx

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