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Monday, 13 June 2011

High Onn Bridge to Compton.

Hi Friends.

It was time to leave our weekend mooring and head back to Autherley Junction and on to the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal. We had a lovely stay on the Shroppie, even with the appalling weather yesterday. I do have to say though what a fantastic F1 GP from Canada yesterday. Once the rain stopped, we were given a real treat by Jenson Button, well done to that man.
Ok so today we set off back to the junction and all was going pretty well until the temperature on the engine began to rise, so before the Wolverhampton Boat Club we pulled into what is supposed to be a 48 hour mooring. We could not get anywhere near the bank, so I made a leap of faith and tied up with the centre line, before taking the stern line from Keith and tying up. Keith pulled up the floor in the engine room and opened up the impeller hosing to find the impeller was missing a couple of blades. It had lasted a little under 7 months, so we could not really grumble. Keith replaced it with one of our many spares and we were soon under way again and in a queue for the lock at Autherley Junction.
On the move again, we were now on new water for us this year. The last time we did this stretch was in 2009 with friends of ours.
Before reaching the Aldersley Junction and the Wolverhampton 21, we passed under a railways bridge with these amazing paintings on the arches.
Frog 1.Frog 2.I think this ape is from the Planet of the Apes.
Well what do you think???
Is it art or graffiti?

As we approached Compton Lock, I saw the large bow of a Little Woolwich rising up in the lock, which of course got me curious as to whose boat it was. I did not have to wait long to find out it was Henry Hollingshead on his boat Cetus. Cetus was originally built in 1935 as a Little Woolwich Butty, she was originally paired with the motor Centauri. During 1987 she was converted and is now owned by Henry. I must say she looked an absolute picture. For those who do not know Henry, he is the brother of Joe Hollingshead the fender maker, they were both born and bought up on the boat and even Henry turns out a good fender. We passed the time of day with Henry as we passed him going into the empty lock. Descending the lock we noticed there were moorings to be had opposite Limekiln Boat Builders, so after leaving the lock chamber we made for our final destination of the day. Having moored up, we closed up the boat and went for a look around Compton. It is a small village, with a very busy road. It has the essential shops, Spar, Nisa, Chemist, Post Office and a Fish and Chip Shop, which we will be using tonight for dinner. having never stopped here before we have no idea how good the moorings are for overnighting, so I will let you know what I think in tomorrows post.
It has been a pretty good day, with some high excitement with the over heating engine, and some funny old boaters, but I have enjoyed it.

Chat soon xx

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