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Friday, 17 June 2011

A visit into Kidderminster.

With the new alternator fitted and working, Keith and I thought we would go into Kidderminster and see what was on offer. It is a town of many parts and has a comprehensive history.
Kidderminster is mostly known for its carpet making. The first carpet factory was erected in Kidderminster in 1735. Carpets took over from a well established cloth industry. Sadly carpet making in Kidderminster is at a much reduced level. Brintons is still producing carpets, which they began doing in 1783, when their first factory opened. Brintons moved their factory to Stourport Road and their old factory site is now the home of Weavers Wharf Shopping Centre.

Sir Rowland Hill KCB stands proud outside of the Town Hall. Sir Rowland Hill KCB who was born in 1795 and died 1879 was a teacher, inventor and social reformer. He was the gentleman who campaigned for a reform of the postal system, so maybe he is to blame for the mess it is in LOL. (CLICK)
One of Kidderminster most famous citizen's was Richard Baxter, who is depicted by the statue standing neat St Mary and All Saints church. It is reported that for two decades during Oliver Cromwell’s interregnum he was preacher at St Mary’s church. But once Charles I was back in power Richard Baxter was forced to flee Kidderminster and became a nonconformist. I do love a bit of history, so I hope i am not boring you.
When we came to Kidderminster over two years ago we never visited the church, but admire it from the canal, so today I got the opportunity to see the other side of St Mary and All Saints and I have to say it is stunning. St Mary & All Saints is apparently the largest parish church in Worcestershire, it looks more like a cathedral. It dates mainly from the 15th and 16th centuries and is very grand on scale and in appearance. (CLICK).
I can imagine that anyone having their wedding in this church has some truly stunning wedding photographs taken standing at the gates with the tower in the back ground with its Blue and Gold clock face. It really did impress me, just a shame we could not visit the inside, but like with so many churches these days they stay locked to stop thieves and vandals.
The war memorial stands next to the church and contains the names of those who lost their lives in the Great War 1914-1918 and in the Second World War. It really does make you stand and reflect on just how lucky we are.
The crescent shaped wall was designed by G H Goodwin and built by George Brown & Sons of Kidderminster and is a fitting tribute to the fallen.
I really did enjoy my walk around the town, which ended with us going to Pizza Hut for some lunch, there new buffet lunch was ideal. I do think that Kidderminster is lacking in places to eat, especially as there is no Chinese Buffet. Maybe people from Kidderminster do not like Chinese food ;0). A nice town and well worth a visit.
Kidderminster is also the home of the Severn Valley Railway, which we hope to go and visit whilst we are here. So you can look forward to another history report no doubt. I am now off to put my feet up for an hour, then it will be time to feed Mog and Dog and sort ourselves out for the evening.

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