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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Chit chat and history.

Hi Friends.

Day two in Netherwich basin Droitwich.

Awake early, we enjoyed a cuppa whilst discussing yesterday's events. It was then time to get up and take Paddy for his walk. On the way back I chatted with Carol off of Rypeck about how things were going and how things were going to go over the next few days, I think it is going to be fun one way or another.
Breakfast was bacon sandwiches mmmmm, a boaters staple diet when possible. After breakfast we found ourselves chatting to Ian, Irene, Jennifer and Graham about all sorts of things, not all of them to do with boating.
I wanted to replace some of the paintwork knocked off around the back counter, so Keith moved the boat back so I could get the paintwork done. Out came the black and red paint, brushes and rubbing down paper, 10 minutes later job done.
After yet further chatting to other boaters, we headed into Droitwich for a nose around. It is a lovely town and well worth a visit. We went to see an exhibition on its history, which was very informative. With so much history to write about why not check it out for yourself here. It really is quite interesting.
Droitwich has many wonderful old building, some of them leaning at very strange angles. The Priory House is an Elizabethan property built in 1650. The brick chimney was added in Queen Anne’s reign c.1710. There is a wing of the house which dates back to the 1500's.
One of the first pubs we passed was The Old Cock Inn. As you can see from the date it is a very old pub. It was the first pub to be licensed in 1712, when Queen Ann was on the throne. it then sold Cider and ale. None of the modern beers then. If your looking at the picture and thinking that looks like a church window, you would be right in your thinking. It came from the medieval Church of St Nicholas, it certainly is a talking point, for more on the history on the pub check out their website (CLICK).
We found this beautiful art work on the way to Morrison's.
After shopping we walked back to the boat and did lots more chatting and laughing as further boats arrived to join our happy band. I can see this is going to be a great weekend, with some lovely people.

Chat soon xx

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