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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stone to Above Tixel Lock.

Hi Friends.

Another day another part of the cut to see. We left Stone at 8.35am and no sooner we got to Lime Kiln Lock, there was canal rage. Yep I know you have heard of road rage, but this was canal rage. I walked towards the lock and there was a boat coming out of the lock and pulled in on to the lock mooring. The gentleman then shut the gate and wound up the bottom paddles for a plastic cruiser that he was travelling with, that was ok as we were no where near the lock, as Keith was struggling to get off of the mooring due to it being shallow. The plastic cruiser then entered the lock and the bottom gates were shut. A women then joined me off of another boat wanting to come up, she had a face like thunder, I thought she was going to blow a gasket. I then noticed that not only had the gentleman opened the top paddles, he had left the bottom paddles up as well, so I shouted to him to shut the bottom paddles. His reply was "Well spotted, that's the second time I have done that this morning" and they had only come up through two locks, so it did not bode well. The women with a face like thunder then told me after the plastic cruiser had left the lock, that at the previous lock, there had been a confrontation and she was told to stop her moaning by the man on the plastic cruiser. She had only asked them to drop the paddles properly and for her trouble she got abused. All in all she was not happy with their behaviour and I cannot say I blame her, if what I saw was anything to go by. I suggested to her, that she and her husband should moor up and have a coffee, allowing the narrowboat and cruiser to go on without them.
We finally got on our way and were cruising along nicely, until we reached Sandon Lock.
We arrived at Sandon Lock, only to be met with a queue of boats, we turned out to be number Six in the queue. It turned out that the bottom plate at the head of the lock had become detached, which BW had to come out and repair, which they had done promptly with 2 brand new shiney D shackles as can be seen in the photo. It only took us 1 hr and 20 minutes to clear Sandon Lock, and then we were off and cruising again.
My cute photograph of the day. In the field at Pasture Fields were three mum's with their foals, but this one was feeding so got my attention.
We pressed on with the intention to moor at Tixall Wide if there was room, which there it was bow to stern boats all the way along, so we carried on to above Tixall lock were we have moored and an excellent mooring it is too.
Beautiful Poppies in the garden of Tixel Lock cottage. They always remind me of Remembrance Day.
We are moored on ringed mooring the sun is shining and we are both pooped for the day.
I now have to prepare something for dinner, I have a feeling it is going to be something quick and simple. Marmite is outside enjoying the sun and Paddy is led at my feet. I could do with a beer, but sadly we do not have any on board. Note to self >>> Get some beer in<<<.

Chat soon xx

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