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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

From May to June.

Hi Friends.

Tuesday 31st May.

Was a day of extreme contrasts. For me the 31st of May is always a day of remembrance, because 26 years ago I lost my daughter of just 8 hours old. Even 26 years on, it still tugs at my heart strings, so yesterday I was in a thoughtful mood.
At the other end of the spectrum however, Keith and I enjoyed a fantastic evening out with two sets of friends, when we all went to a local Chinese Buffet for a fantastic meal. It was an evening of chatter, laughter and good friendship.

Wednesday 1st June.

May has been and gone and here we are in what should be flaming June. The morning began before the crack of dawn. Keith and I were awake at 2.50am, both gagging for a cup of tea. It was all due to the Sweet and Sour Chicken we had at the Chinese Buffet. I was still feeling very full, so found it hard to settle, however I did go back to sleep for a couple more hours. It was then time to consider getting out of bed.
I did the usual dog walking and then it was time to tidy the boat, because we had our Boat Safety being done. Our examiner arrived at 11.30am, so I left Keith to sort it out whilst I went walking with Tina, Rob and their dogs. When I got back I heard all about the results of the Boat Safety.
With the afternoon fast approaching the evening, I was really not up to doing much else for the rest of the day, so plonked myself in front of the TV for the evening.

Thursday 2nd June.

It is flaming outside as I speak. The sun is out and it is lovely and warm yippee. Our new Tippet arrived yesterday so we have just fitted it this morning. We took advantage of having to take all the strings off and gave them a good wash. We also replaced the temporary side sheet strings with proper ones. Keith then readjusted the bow fender so hopefully it won't ride up any more in locks. Linch was Bacon and mushrooms rolls, washed down with a coffee, oh and not forgetting the homemade Chocolate cake, yummy.
I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but I have done all the jobs I had planned to do, so anything else is an added bonus.

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