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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stourport-on-Severn to Worcester.

Hi Folks.

My morning began with the chiming of the Boat Club clock at 7am. I made us both a cuppa and some toast, which we enjoyed in bed whilst watching the BBC1 news. Breakfast in bed is a real luxury, but I felt as it was our last morning on the basin moorings, we deserved a treat. I took Paddy for his morning walk down the river towpath, whilst Keith painted the engine exhaust in the engine room with White Matt paint. The reason for doing it before setting off was that the heat from the engine would dry the paint whilst we cruised. Good thinking or what?
9.15am we left the mooring, I walked around to the locks whilst Keith moved the boat. By the time he got to the first of the locks, it was ready and waiting for him to enter. In just over half an hour we had cleared the locks, with the help of some people who were in the dry dock painting their boats.
Having left the locks the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal and our mooring for the past few days and were now on the wide River Severn. I was excited because I have never been on the Rover Severn before and I do love rivers. For both Keith and I this was a new adventure and one which I was going to enjoy.
We waved cheerio to Brian on NB Kyle, who was moored on the rivers pontoons. He is the one waving back.
As we cruised off down the river, I looked back and said goodbye to Stourport-on-Severn.
Our first lock on the River Severn, Limcomb Lock. The lock keeper saw us coming, so once the lock was in our favour the traffic lights turned green and we were allowed into the lock. I walked down the gunwale to the bow, so that I could thread the bow rope behind the chains in the lock, which were there to hold the boat against the wall whilst the lock emptied. Once the lock was empty the gates opened and off we went. I walked back along the gunwale to the steer and waved to the lock keeper Martin to thank him. It was onward towards Worcester.
A beautiful Dutch Barge coming towards us. The river was so quiet in all we only saw four boats coming towards us all morning.
We looked so small in the locks. This was us in Holt Lock and yes that is me on the bow.
The lock on to the Droitwich Barge Canal, which is open now.
A boat we had shared a lock with was clearly in a bigger hurry than we were, and we were doing normal cruising speed. Funny thing was no sooner had they sped past us they then stopped at the Worcester Race Course moorings, so hammering their engine did them no real favours.
Some big boats on this river.
A lovely view of Worcester Cathedral, as we came under Worcester Road Bridge. We will be visiting that tomorrow
Spot the small white duck trying to be a Swan.
Turning off of the River Severn and on to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. Behind us was a hire boat, so we waited to share the lock with them if they were going our way, which they were. Sadly the lady onboard was not having a good time and you could see it written all over her face. I had to give them instruction on how to turn off of the river and how to get the boat into the double lock. They made it in the end, but I think this maybe their first and last boating holiday.
Looking for a mooring in Diglis Basin.
We found a mooring on the 48 hour moorings. After lunch we headed off into the city to see find our bearings. There are some fantastic Tudor and Victorian buildings to be seen. I will post those pictures tomorrow. Right now dinner is cooking, so I am off to put my feet up before I have dinner to dish up, washing up to do and then it will be bedtime.

Chat soon xx

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