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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Worcester to Tibberton.

Hi Folks.

After our 48 hour stay on the Diglis basin moorings, we decided to move on this a Saturday morning. I had had a restless night with people outside talking loudly and someone pushing what sounded like a wheeled suitcase past the boat in the early hours.
At 8.35 we untied the ropes and set off to the first lock of the day next to the Commandery, which we will visit another time.
An old strapping post on the lock gate. These are few and far between these days. They were mainly used with the horse boats, in order to stop a boat entering a lock because horse boats did and do not have brakes.
Blockhouse lock the second lock out of Worcester proved to be problematic. I emptied the lock and a lock and a large log appeared behind one of the gates. The only way to get rid of it was to flush the lock to push it out into the pound, because what we did not want was the boat getting wedged in the lock with it. We did eventually crawl into the lock, with something on the prop. Whilst in the lock chamber, Keith stopped the boat and checked the prop, where he found some rubbish. It was a sure sign that the Worcestershire and Birmingham Canal was going to be shallow, so we would be prone to picking stuff up. In fact we did have to stop further along on our cruise, because of more rubbish.
Something a little faster than a narrowboat. An oval circuit racing mini.
Once we left Worcester, the countryside was welcomed as was a glimpse of the sun every now and again. For most of the morning I walked between the locks because they were close together. When we did get a stretch of water, I nipped into the galley to make us both a coffee, before the next set of locks.
As we started up the Offerton flight, we could see the Sixways Stadium the home of Worcester Warriors Rugby Team. It looks like an impressive stadium which was opened in 1975, but under went renovation in 2006 and 2007,
Offerton Top lock was my 14th and last lock of the day phewwwww. Some of the paddles on the top gates were difficult to work, so a little brute strength was called for. The countryside is pretty along this stretch, but you can hear the M5 long before it comes into view. We passed through a curving cutting before arriving in Tibberton our mooring for the rest of the weekend possibly. We have moored up and enjoyed lunch, but although we are on designated 48 hour moorings, it is very shallow and so we are already at a jaunty angle and a rubbish TV signal. At present I am watching the F1 qualifying through snow lol.
Unfortunately my sciatica has been playing up a little today, which I could do without. I know it is not due to my footwear, because I am wearing my insoles, so I do not know what has triggered it this time, but I will keep taking the tablets and hope that it settles down.

Chat soon xx

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