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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hi Folks.

Summer has arrived it seems for at least a couple of day at least.
I was awake at the crack of dawn listening to a Thrush, who was announcing to the word it was morning, ok when I say the world I mean Tibberton towpath at least ;0). No sooner the Thrush burst into song other birds began to join in and soon I was listening to wall to wall bird song, it was amazing. I did manage to doze off to sleep again, and woke to see the clock striking 7am. The better half got up and made us both a cup of tea, to start Sunday off properly.
8am I was up dressed, the bed was folded away into the bed'ole and I took Paddy for his morning stroll up the towpath. The sun was showing no real sign of coming out, so it seemed like a good time to paint the inside of the engine room doors on the starboard side of the boat. Whilst I did that Keith touched up the paintwork on the water cans. I then had a brain wave to smarten up the heatproof boarding around the back cabin stove. Our boarding is white and it was looking very dirty, so I have painted it with stove blacking and very nice it looks too. Hopefully this will keep it looking tidy for a while at least. It is a job I have been wanting to do for a while and for some reason today was the day. With the paintwork drying, we put the chairs outside in the shade and enjoyed a morning coffee.
After coffee I boiled some salad potatoes and boiled some eggs for tonight's dinner, which will be a salad, because it is to hot to cook on the boat today.
Next job on our Sunday jobs list, was to put the anchor in the front locker, as we do not need it for a few days. I took the weight of the anchor whilst Keith manhandled it into the front locker. We will need it when we go back out in the river in a few days time, so no point putting the anchor back in the hold. With the sun now well and truly shining, the hold sheeting was rolled up to allow the head out and some fresh air to circulate through the boat.
Lunch was enjoyed sitting on the towpath in the shade. Our shady spot was getting smaller and smaller as the sun came around. It was not long before we had lost our shade completely, so for me it was time to retreat to the saloon, which was actually nice and cool. Gone are the days when I would lay out in the sun for hours and hours. As I have got older I have found I cannot sit out in the sun as long. It also plays havoc with me when I have having my own personal summer moments. Not only that I find it quite intimidating when bikes come past at speed when I am sitting out.
Paddy is laying out on the back counter and Marmite is asleep in the back cabin. Marmite likes being warm but I think today she is finding the heat to much. Paddy will lay in the sun until he roasts if I let him, then he has to come in and lie on the cold floor in the saloon. With his thick coat, he should have more sense ;0).
It has been another day of racing cyclists ripping up the towpath. There is also another charity bike ride going on, this time it is The British Heart Foundation being supported. Thankfully they are not using the towpath.
Tibberton is a pretty little village, it has a village shop with post office and a couple of pubs one of which The Bridge is canalside.
Was just going to sign off, when Clive and Helen Henderson came past on NB Nanshe and told us they had just come up through the Junction canal with Atlas and it was fine, so it looks like we will be heading through to Droitwich either tomorrow or Tuesday yipee.

Chat soon xx

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