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Friday, 17 June 2011

Left alone.

Good morning folks.

We are the only boat on the Sainsbury's moorings and after dinner last night the church bells of St. Mary and All Saints began ringing. There is something really British about church bells peeling of an evening.
It is a bright morning, but not sure how long that will last. I was as always awake pretty early listening to the bird song and the traffic on the main road through Kidderminster. We had a quiet night on the moorings at Sainsbury's which was nice. At 7am the clock on the church rang out the hour, which was our alarm clock, despite the fact we were already wide awake. I got up first and put the kettle on for the first cuppa of the day, which we enjoyed with breakfast. Paddy then got his walk. Back onboard Marmite and Paddy had their breakfast of biscuits for Paddy and meat and biscuits for Marmite. Marmite had been making it known that both her bowls were empty and that she was hungry (nothing new there).
Today is new alternator day, so Keith dismantled the old one and as I type this he is hot footing it to the supplies to collect our new one, which arrived yesterday. That is what I call excellent service. Whilst he left me alone, I thought I would run the generator and do a wash, nothing unusual there your thinking, which is true. But 15 minutes into the charging and washing, the inverter went off, which meant there was no charging going on and the washing machine had stopped arghhhhhh. Flippen typical, whilst the old man is away, I break the boat grrrrr. I switched the generator off and began problem busting. After all how hard can it be to solve the problem I thought. After checking everything I could think of a light bulb lit up in my head to check the breaker on the Isolation box and hey presto I found that it had tripped. With the generator and inverter now talking to each other, the wash could finish and the batteries charged. All this happened just as Keith returned triumphant.
With the new alternator successfully picked up, we say a special thanks to Allspares who delivered it very promptly to C.A. Stone in Kidderminster, who fitted the pulley off the old one for us, excellent service by both concerned. Keith is now in the process of fitting it, which if it is as easy as removing the old one it won't take long. Of course before he started the installation I made he a coffe so he could recover from the 2 mile round walk carrying first one then both alternators! At least the return journey was downhill, even so he worked up quiet a sweat.
I have just been to the new Pets At Home store and bought some of their wood cat litter for Marmite, which I know is far better than the stuff I bought from Tesco, which does not keep the smell down ewwww. I think later on we may take a wander into the town to see what Kidderminster has to offer.

Chat later maybe xx

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