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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Compton to Swindon

Hi Friends.

An early start to my day as I woke up at 3am and listened to a Thrush starting the dawn chorus off. I did manage to doze back off to sleep until 6am, but then it was time to get up and make a cuppa.
7am and I got up and lit the back cabin stove to warm the cabin up a little as I got dressed, I was then off of the boat and walking Paddy in the sunshine. It felt a little chilly, but really nice to have the early sunshine for a change.
We said goodbye to our over night mooring at Compton opposite Lime Kiln Narrowboats, which I am told are not the best moorings for staying on over night, but we had no problem at all and neither did the other boats moored with us, so I would be happy to stop there again sometime.
I filled the Copper Kettle and put it on the stove whilst we cruised towards the first lock of the day. I do love having my stove going, so we always have a kettle boiling.
The lock weirs on the Staffs and Worcs come in all shapes and sizes.
Along the Staffs and Worcs we have been noticing lots of smiley faces on trees and posts. Someone has a great sense of humour.
Another smiley face.
At arrived at the pleasantly situated Awbridge Lock where John Jackson operates from with his coal business, to find working boats queued up for coal. There was John's boat Roach loaded on the towpath, with Bletchley and on the coal yard moorings were Callisto and Buckden, making for a bottle neck as far as getting through. John came out and said hello as we crawled past the boat towards the lock.
The Bratch Staircase locks with its octagonal toll house is very pretty. The locks are unusual because of their layout, but once you know how to work them, they are a easy and we were fortunate to have two lock keepers on today helping boats up and down.
The lockie on the Bratch staircase locks told me to climb on board, so I climbed down the lock ladder and on to the boat in time to take this photo of us in the lock.
This has to be my favourite name for a lock Bumblehole Lock. Sadly the cottage is in need of some TLC.
Keith noticed that the batteries were not being charged on his meter, this meant the domestic alternator had packed up. It has been playing up last couple of days, but now looks like it has gone completely. Have to find somewhere where we can get it replaced. Thank goodness we have the generator for little emergencies like this. Things got worse for Keith at Botterham staircase locks, where the intermediate gates and lock wall were leaking so badly he got a soaking, shirt and waistcoat now hanging up to dry.
Just as I was waiting to open the paddles on Marsh Lock at Swindon a Mink ran across the gate with what looked like either or a rat or a large mouse. It disappeared before I could see where it ran off to.
After Marsh Lock we pulled in above Swindon Lock for the day on the 24 hour moorings. We will have a look around Swindon, although I suspect there isn't a lot here, apart from the 3 pubs that is. We may have to wait until we get to Stourport before getting the alternator sorted.

Chat soon xx

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