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Sunday, 5 June 2011

An Weekend of fun and laughter at Etruria.

Day One.

We had a very busy day on Saturday, lots of people wanting to ask lots of questions, which makes a nice change. We met a few internet friends who turned up, which was great to see them and many boating friends old and new.
At so many rallies or festivals we never get to join in with the working boats because we are not historic, but here we were made very welcome. It was nice for the viewing public to see the old boats, but also to see what a new working boat looks like. We met Henry and Phyliss Johnson on their boat Perch. Both Henry and Phyllis were born and bought up on the working boats, so it was fantastic to be able to here their tales and to learn all about the old boaters, because when they are gone, their tales will go with them. Phyllis is a mind of information and Henry still helps on the cut. A lovely couple who still love life on the cut.
There was a great atmosphere, with lots of things to do and see. One of my favourite things though was the Owl display. It had all kinds of Owls, some I had never heard of before, but I was drawn to my favourite Owl of all time, the Barn Owl. I was fortunate to get this fantastic photo for a small donation.
There were plenty of stalls to browse around, including the Black Country Museum van.
The Ripping Yarns stall opposite us very kindly displayed Keith's rag rugs, as they were publicizing rag rug making. It was hoped that they may sell a rug or two for us, but that did not happen sadly.
We finished the evening off with a massed take-out curry order in the museum tea room, it was a lovely evening amongst old and new friends. Keith and I have retired early as we are both pooped, and hardly able to keep our eyes open, having been awake since 2.30am.

Day Two (Sunday).

Yet another great day here at Etruria, although there were some spits and spots of rain, it didn't dampen the spirits. I dressed up in my Victorian Boatwoman's costume and spent some time on the WoW stand with the children, helping them to colour in picture of a narrowboat, so they could get their WOW sticker. After my stint on the WOW stand I changed into my 1930's dress, made some lunch and then got on with meeting the public. We had a steady flow of visitors asking us questions about Hadar, and our way of life, etc. We also met a few more friends from Tinternet, and was great to see them all. We have thoroughly enjoyed our weekend here, and look forward to returning again in the future.
To everyone who came to see us, we would like to say a huge thank you.

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