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Tuesday 3 March 2020

Almost time.

It will soon be time to turn off the TV for a few months and get back to book reading. When we are on our mooring, I somehow do not find time to read and would much rather put the TV on and enjoy films. Years ago now we took down the TV Aerial and decided we would either watch DVD's or just find other things to do, such as reading and crochet for me. Keith obviously has his railway now, which keeps him busy. If you have not seen it you can see the blog for it HADARFORD. It is well worth a look. I am so proud of him and what he has achieved. There will be no more sitting in bed of a morning drinking tea, whilst watching the TV, we will be back to listening to the local radio stations, where ever we are in the country. This is actually rather nice, because we get to hear about what is going on in the local area. When we are off cruising, I actually do not miss the TV, because there is such a lot of other things to do.

I had the worst nights sleep for a long time and could of quite honestly sat and watched TV all night, for the amount of sleep I got. There was a reason why this happened, which meant my brain would not turn off. It is so easy to overthink things, when something upsetting happens and you can end up thinking you are the one at fault, when actually you know in your heart of hearts you have done absolutely nothing wrong. Anyway today was going to be a day of not actually ever getting going, because of feeling shattered. We are still in getting ready for cruising mode. Today we changed our empty gas bottle for a nice new full one. We like to have all gas bottles full, as we will be out for months. After a coffee, we went into town to get a few more bits and bobs we need to take away with us, including medications. I wanted to go to Holland and Barrett to buy my Apple Cider Vinegar, which I take every morning. I have found it helps with my nickel allergy and keeps my system functioning. I also picked up my Vitamin C, which again helps with my allergy. As it was lunchtime, we went to our favourite Thai restaurant Totally Thai for lunch. Two course lunch menu meal for £9.50, which is an absolute bargain, because it is so beautifully cooked. There was a time when we would go for a Wetherspoons breakfast, but we now prefer going to Totally Thai. They are only one of two oriental restaurant that opens at lunchtime in Warwick, the other being Giggling Squid which is also Thai and is also really lovely. After another scrummy lunch, we walked home and had a coffee, before I got on with a laundry wash. There is always so much to wash before we head out. I still have all the bedding to do, which will be done on either Thursday or Friday.
Two of the most important things we need to know are working, before we can go anywhere are the engine and generator.
National DA 2, before she went into the boat.
Our engine is an elderly lady, who has quite a history. When we are out cruising, I always chat to her nicely, because she is the beating heart of our boat and she is gorgeous. This afternoon however, she was very slow to get going. It took a few goes to get her to turn over. Eventually she fired into life though and she was happily thumping away Phew. I think because she had been sat for a few months without running, she was very sleepy. 
Our Fisher Panda generator on the other hand was very happy to start. She had a new fuel pump fitted at the end of our cruising season last year and should be all good for this years adventures. She will only be used, when we are not getting any action from the solar panel. Because we fitted new batteries in January, we should have no issues with having lots of power. With the engines run. The only boat related things for me to do are to check the gearbox oil and to fill the water tank. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be kind to us on Friday.

Pop back soon xx

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