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Sunday 1 March 2020

Happy St. Davids Day.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Happy St. Davids Day to all our Welsh friends.
A beautiful sunny start to the day, with a definitely Spring feel to it. I even saw a couple of bees flying around this morning. Jobs for the day were to include loading half a tonne of coal into the hold. and checking bunkers for anything we will need when we head off out this coming week all being well.
Another restless night and awake at stupid o'clock, so yet again awake and having a cuppa, whilst watching the international news. Having settled back beneath the duvet for a couple of hours of sleep, I woke to the sun pouring through the pigeon box port holes. It is always so lovely to see the sunshine and I can imagine that for those people in flooded areas, they would welcome the sunshine and the sight of the floods receding away from their homes.
Once up, I put the bird feeder out, because Mr Robin was sat on the fence looking at me through the galley door. Ok I know I was late putting the feeder out, but the look on his face said it all. No sooner the feeder was hung, he was straight in there. He will not be amused when we head off cruising, because I am not leaving the feeder out, because it hangs over the water, for reasons I have explained in previous posts. With the weather warming up, there should be plenty of food for him and the others anyway and I am not the only person feeding the birds around here.
After breakfast, I sorted the fire out, emptied the ash pan and sorted some fuel out. Keith and I then turned our attention to the main job of the day, putting half a tonne of coal into the hold from the bunker. Keith stacked the coal, whilst I loaded the coal onto the barrow and wheeled it to the boat and handed him the bags. Once it was loaded on board, we made sure the boat was still level in the water, because there is nothing worse than listing all the time. The hold got tidied for the last time before we head off. The only remaining thing to put in the hold now is the hosepipe when I have topped the water tank up on Friday morning. We still have a couple of things to do in town before we can go and of course there will be a final food shop to get bought and stowed away.
With one of our bunkers empty of coal, we soon filled it with things which we are not taking with us. I then did a spot of gardening. Weeds never stop growing and with all the rain we have had it has made the weeds grow quicker. Along with the weeds, the flowers are blooming and our fruit bushes are coming along nicely. I do so love to see a garden coming into its own, once Winter has past.
Now that we are into March (day one), I am hoping the weather shows some improvement and we can begin to see some warmth in the sunshine. It will not be long before the birds will once again be nesting and the bees will be buzzing. I wonder what the Summer will have in store for us all?
Right well I have rambled on enough for a Sunday and so it is time for me to crack on with some more jobs.

Pop back soon xxx

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