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Sunday 29 March 2020

Day 3: So very quiet.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Have you noticed how quiet it is of a morning?
Having put the clock forward, we woke up at 7 am (was 6 am). We heard the first plane for days, but no traffic on the road what so ever. Then the Magpie decided to have a chat from the tree above our back cabin. The Robin and Wren joined in with the chorus and then a Wood Pigeon thought it would be nice to end the song with a Coo. With everything going on and no traffic, the sound of birdsong is absolutely wonderful. I was wondering if they are having to sing so loudly now they must know there is no other noise for them to fight against?
We sat in bed with our cuppa, watching the news and hearing what is happening around the world, with the USA the most infected country, although we do not seem to be hearing much about China anymore, so who really knows.
Up and about, with the bed rolled away and the cupboard door shut on it for the day. It was time to think about daily chores and what I could occupy my day with. I fed the birds and the Bank Voles, who are still living in our wood pile. I know this because the food disappears very quickly. They are probably so relieved to have us back, so they get their food treats. I will try and photograph them over the coming days. Having fed the birds and the Bank Voles, it was time to feed ourselves. We only had cereal this morning, with milk of course. I do not know about you, but we have found ourselves eating less since the Coronavirus kicked off?
Talking about food. I finally managed to get a delivery slot for a food delivery. It is not until the 9th April, so we will manage until then, with bread and milk coming on Tuesday with meat and vegetables. The 9th April delivery will be for tea, coffee, butter, cheese and things we most definitely need. There is no bulk buying because you are limited to how much you can purchase, which is absolutely right under the circumstances. There is not even toilet rolls on the list, because we have enough for the time being. I am kind of hoping people will get the message not to bulk buy or stock pile and things will even themselves out for everyone out there who is struggling.
With the fire stoked, hoover put round and a coffee made, it was decision time on what to have for lunch. Now most boaters will always have at least one Fray Bentos pie in their emergency ration cupboard and we are no different. So today's lunch was a Chicken Fray Bentos pie, with mash potatoes, white and sweet potato, because we are coming to the end of the spuds. I also used up the end of a cabbage, which was looking a little sad, but it tasted fine (roll on veggie delivery). It has been sometime since we actually had a pie in a tin and I had forgotten how scrummy they are.  No pudding today because we have no fresh or tinned fruit (diet going well).
After lunch and yet another coffee, I nodded off. Yes I actually feel asleep in my chair, which is totally unheard of for me. I think those three and a half days getting home finally caught up with me. Feet up, I sat and watched 'The Glenn Miller Story'. I love that film and it is perfect for a Sunday afternoon watch.
The sun has been shining today, but there has been a bloomin cold wind. I know the wind had a bite to it, because I had a quick stroll around our end of the Arm. We all need to exercise, preferably close to home, otherwise we are going to end up overweight and couch potatoes. I will do a short stroll each day and some other exercise. I am hoping to do some weeding as well, but not when it is blowing a hooley and cold.
Sunday on a whole was a lovely day of doing the bare minimum. Monday will see me up my game and I will be getting on with jobs, because it will be so easy to be a couch potato and that is not me at all. So I will see you on Monday all being well.

Pop back soon xxx

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