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Sunday 22 March 2020

Day 16: Mother's Day.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Happy Mother's Day to mum's out there.

My Mother's Day has been a blessed one with lovely messages from afar from my girls. It is not how we imagined our first Mother's Day together in many many years, but it does not matter, because just having them in my life is all that matters. We can celebrate at a later date, when the Coronavirus has gone away and we can arrange a time to be together. My story is a long and at times a painful one, but having my girls back in my life along with their partners and my grandchildren is all that matters now. I have those people in my life that really matter, especially when we are going through this medical crisis. So remember to love those who love you back and when you can, hug them tight.

This morning dawned with lots of wonderful birdsong and the sound of a Moorhen clearly not happy with the world. Being awake meant time for the first brew of the day. I am trying to make sure we use as little milk as possible until I can buy some more hopefully tomorrow. So breakfast once we were up was Porridge made with water, which I normally do anyway.
I took myself off for an early walk and found myself completely alone.
The sheep were not completely awake, in the early morning sunshine, they were having a lazy Sunday morning by the looks of it.
As I got down to the fifth lock, I just stood and looked and took in the fresh breeze which was blowing across the cut. A Buzzard flew overhead, calling to anyone who would listen and the Woodpecker, I had heard yesterday was once again hammering at a tree. Of course it may not have been the same one, but I liked to think it was. It really was a treat to be able to enjoy the Spring morning with mother nature and hope that the Coronavirus would soon be at an end and the world could get back to some sort of normality. For us cruising, we are fortunate to be able to stay away from crowded areas and to just sit out in the countryside.
Back on the boat, I started to put together the Lasagna I had begun cooking yesterday.
I had used up some of the Vegetables, which were looking ever so slightly sad. I turned it into a scrummy meal, which will last a couple of days. I even made us some garlic bread, using just two slices of bread, buttered with butter and garlic spread. I love to make things up as I go along. Living on a boat you get used to improvising.
The Collie blanket and book are both coming along. I am actually really enjoying the book by Lucy Diamond. It is about two women who are stepsisters and how their lives have run in different ways and yet they have to come together when one of them has a nasty accident. The story line is unraveling slowly and I just know there will be a twist at the end. Rachael is struggling after her divorce. She has three children and bills to pay, plus she is trying to start a new business, when she has a dreadful thing happen to her, when she is off trying to find out about her mother. Her stepsister Becca is the rebel, who has lost her job and has to come to the rescue to look after Rachael's three children. The story has its sad moments, but is also funny so far.

Tomorrow we will be on the move again all being well.

Pop back soon xx

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