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Tuesday 10 March 2020

Day 5: Birmingham to Black Country Living Museum.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Todays jaunt. 9.5miles, 3 locks in a time of 2 hours 50 minutes.

Having had a nice hot shower last night, we were in bed just after 9.30 pm, because we were both shattered. I personally slept like a log and woke at 7 am. I felt fully recovered after the exploits of yesterday. After breakfast and the usual morning boat chores, we left our over night mooring in Birmingham at 8.45 am and set off a long the Birmingham New Line.
It has been very evident that there are so very few boats moving at the moment, because it is early in the season.
We headed under the Engine Arm Aqueduct and on towards Factory Locks. The breeze was picking up, but it was incredibly mild after the chill of yesterday.
We arrived at Factory Locks and low and behold there was a boat in front of us. It was the first boat we had seen moving. He was a gentleman on his own and he suggested that we should go in front of him, because he was going to be slow.
We gratefully accepted his offer and so as we exited a lock, I went and set it for him to come up. I like to always set a lock for a boater who is behind us as long as I can see the boat. If they go out of my view then I will not set the lock, just in case they have decided to stop along the way.
We turned left at Factory Junction and wave to our friend Ann, who we will see tomorrow. She was having a cuppa with a friend on their boat.
Today's jaunt ended at The Black Country Living Museum, where we will stay for today. I want to empty a cassette, get rid of rubbish and top up with water tomorrow, because we will be mooring up for a few days tomorrow. You can learn more about what is happening if you keep popping in. We had a good journey today and are very much looking forward to this coming weekend.

Pop back soon xxxx

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