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Monday 30 March 2020

Day 4: Time to do some jobs.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Here we are into a new week and we are all probably going a little stir crazy being in lock down, but remember if we all stay within the confines of out own houses and gardens we can make a huge difference. I know there are still those who are flouting the guidance, because they think it does not apply to them. I would ask them to really think about whether your trip is necessary.

We woke up this morning to the sound of lorries and diggers. I kid you not. There is a big road work program going on outside of the Arm and up towards Stank's Island. They are doing huge road improvements and because of the roads now being so quiet, because most people are staying at home, it for them is a good time to get on with the job, because they were getting behind the schedule. Now we are told that they are observing the government guidelines to keep each other safe, so we did not hear birdsong this morning, it was replaced by the sound of digging and lorries. Just hoping none of the workmen get this virus or give it to anyone.
Watching the news over our first cuppa of the day and yes of course it is all about the virus at the moment. The BBC breakfast gang are social distancing on the couch, which is quite surreal and there are no guests in the studio, everything is being done online.
How on earth did we ever manage without the internet?
Just think we would not know half of what we know now if it were not for the internet. For many at the moment the internet is their lifeline to keeping in touch with family and friends across the world with Skype etc. We are certainly making good use of it and of course it means I can still ramble on my blog. It has certainly made me think about how they ever coped during the wars. Of course there is always a dark side to everything and there are those taking advantage of people on the net, as there are a lot of Coronavirus scams going on. Please be careful out there.
Whilst the other half did his morning exercises, I went and changed the water for the birds to bath in and drink. It was actually quite nice out, with the sun popping in and out. Gardening was definitely on my to do list for the day, but first job was to give the boat a wash down, because I never got the chance to do it on the day we arrived home. I am not one who likes it all nice and shiny, but I do like it clean. The paintwork is over 12 years old and still going strong. Hopefully I can keep it going for another few years, before we need to get her repainted.
Lunch today was left over cottage pie and frozen veggies. For pudding we ate some left over from Christmas bread sticks with cheese. I then realized the bread sticks were out of date. Hey ho they tasted absolutely fine and were still crunchy. I am not one for dates on things. If it looks good, smells good then it will darn well taste good.

As you know gardening was on my list and that is was exactly where it stayed, because it decided to rain after lunch, so no gardening for me today. There is a plus side, I will be able to get out and do it tomorrow weather permitting.
I did go out and take some photographs, because at the moment a part from the weeds, the garden is looking pretty good. The Rhubarb is coming on a treat. I am hoping that next year we will have a good crop. This year I am going to let it settle in. I am hoping once we are free to move around, that I can get some manure for it.
The Wild Strawberries are in bloom, so if nothing else we will have Strawberries.
We have Forget me not's, which is a real joy. I am going to move some of them once they have flowered, so we have them all over the garden.
The blessing with being back on our mooring at this time of the year is, I get to see what is growing in our new garden and I will see what survived the move from our old garden. At the moment, I have only spotted a couple of plants which I think may have gone to the garden in the sky. Some of the bulbs which were planted by the previous moorer are not flowering, so I will be digging those up and replacing them with new bulbs in the Autumn. That is another job which will be keeping me busy.
As the weather warms up, I am very much looking forward to sitting outside and enjoying the garden. Just wondering if the road noise will still be as loud as it is today? I am guessing because we have had peace and quiet for a few days, it now seems so loud outside.

May you all be keeping yourselves safe and well.

Pop back soon xxx

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