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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Day 19: Heading home part 3.

Dear family, friends and followers.

After a very quiet night in Birmingham and a really goodnight's sleep, we woke up early to silence, which is unheard of in Birmingham. I got up and made us a cuppa and we sat listening to the latest virus news. None of it is ever good news at the moment sadly, but if we all do our bit, we will come out the other side. Yesterday we learnt that two of our friends have been battling with the Coronavirus. Both have are getting better, but they were both very poorly. Then today one of my Facebook friends, sent me a message to say that she and her husband have also both been going through it. They have had a mild version of it and caught it off their son. Boaters are NOT immune to this virus, even if you may think you are.
Anyway, having sorted ourselves out, we set off at 7.35 am and headed out of Birmingham, which was eerily quiet.
Even the towpaths through Birmingham were quiet. It has to be hoped that people are heeding the warnings about staying home.
We saw the first ducklings of the year. This mum was looking after Fifteen little fluff balls. Despite all what is going on in the world, mother nature and wildlife is carrying on regardless. It certainly gladdened the day.
By 2.30 pm we were beginning the descent of the Lapworth locks. It was all quiet to begin with, but then we began to see walkers and cyclists. It is quite obvious that people have no idea what 2 metres looks like, because they were not socially distancing themselves. I was making sure I kept well clear. I even had to ask one lady to move away from me and to observe the social distancing, when she was coming towards me as I walked across the lock gates. At first she just kept coming and I almost had to shout at her to make her understand. She did not seem to understand what she was doing wrong. Anyway finally the penny dropped and she moved away from me a safe distance, so I could get off the lock gate. I really do not understand why people are not heeding the warnings. Boris said that we could all exercise and then go home. Some people seem to think this means a day out sitting by the locks in the sunshine.
On a plus side though, lots of folk are staying home and working in their gardens. We have had lots of children waving to us from their houses and gardens, which always makes me smile and yes we always wave back. It is so easy to be down at the moment, but there is always a plus to every minus.
It has been a beautiful day, even the goats at Tom O' the Wood goats were enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.
The last tunnel of the day. Shrewley tunnel is always very wet inside.
Our cruising day ended at 5.30 pm. We moored up alongside Hatton railway station. A late dinner of pasta and a much needed cuppa. Tomorrow we will be heading down Hatton Locks.

Pop back soon xxx

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