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Wednesday 11 March 2020

Day 6: BCLM to The Malthouse Stables Tipton.

Dear family, friends and followers.

For dinner last night we went to the Chinese takeaway. Chopsticks is always fantastic value for money and the food is excellent.
Either it is a change of air, or I am getting old, but I was ready for my bed last night by 9.30 pm. I am sure it is the change of air and of course the more physical work I have been doing. I once again slept so well and only woke at 7 am because Keith was coughing. After our first cuppa of the day, we were up and about with a view to go food shopping first, because the museum does not open until 10 am. Having stoked the fire, we locked the boat up and set off with our trolleys for Aldi. The walk to Aldi is up hill, so that got the old heart pumping. Because we live such a slow pace of life on the water, it always amazes me how fast cars and lorries travel along the roads. We have not had a car since 2005 and to be honest we could not afford to have another car now. Because we travel so slowly on the canal, seeing cars on the road moving they appear to be going way to fast, which is quite scary.
Aldi was not that busy, but it was only 8.30 am. We did not need much and there was only a shortage of toilet rolls I could see. I did see a couple split up to do their shop so they could stock up on toilet rolls. He had two large packs and a few bits in his trolley and she picked up another large pack and put them into her trolley with a few other bits. He then went and paid for his shopping. Whilst she was at the checkout, he asked her if she had bought toilet rolls and could he have the car keys. It was there way of over buying on toilet roll, but why?
Anyway we bought what we needed and nothing more. Back down the hill to the boat, where I stowed our bit of shopping away, we had a coffee and then went into the museum.
It was really quiet. They had a few school parties in, but with them spread out the place seemed like a ghost town. Mind you it is early in the season.
There is a lot of work going on at the museum, with new paths and lighting going in.
The fun fair has been taken down, because long that area a whole new street is going to be built. It is unsure if the fun fair will be back, which is a real shame.
Boats in new places.
Spot Keith.
For lunch we got a portion of chips from the chippy and had it with leftover chicken balls from last nights dinner. You get ten huge chicken balls and that is one portion. Because there is no way we could eat them all, we had them with the chips for lunch and very nice they were to. The joy of going to the BCLM is we get to catch up with so many people we know. We had not seen them since last September, so there was plenty to chat about, whilst they worked.
Having said "Cheerio" to our friends we headed away from the museum, which we will see again probably next week.
We passed through Tipton.
Our mooring for the next few days is at the Malthouse Stables, Tipton, where we are helping out with the BCN Clean Up.
On the book reading front. I finished The Best Boomerville Hotel and I can completely recommend it as a good read. It was one of those books that was easy to pick up and put down. It had me laughing at times and there were sad bits as well, but if you get a chance give it a read.
I am now reading 'The Mill House' by Susan Lewis. How far would you go to hide the truth?
It is a story about Julia Thayne a successful mother and a beautiful woman. She is everything most other women strive to be. But beneath the surface is a terrible secret that threatens to tear her perfect world apart.
Joshua is Julia's husband - a dynamic, devastatingly handsome man with great style, charisma and humour. He is utterly devoted to his wife and children, but as the ghosts of Julia's past begin to move into their marriage, he finds himself losing the struggle to keep them together and so he has an affair. Then two telephone calls change everything.
Julia moves from London to a remote mill house in Cornwall, determined to break free from the past and save her fractured relationship with Josh. But it is here that she makes her own fatal mistake, and once more her marriage is rocked to its very foundation.
I am already gripped by this book and cannot put it down.

Pop back soon xx

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