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Monday 16 March 2020

Day 11: Tipton to Hawne Basin, Halesowen, 6.5 miles, 3 locks, 2 tunnels, 3hrs 40mins.

Dear family, friends and followers.

After a fantastic weekend at the Malthouse Stables, it was time to leave in the beautiful sunshine. We left at 8.35 am.
We headed off down Factory Locks.
It did not take us long to descend the three locks. We were out of the bottom lock at 9.05 am. We turned at the Dudley Port turn and headed for Netherton Tunnel.
We turned left at Windmill End Junction and headed for Hawne Basin.
Gosty Hill Tunnel is very low and slow, so we have to take off our water cans, exhaust chimney and stove chimney to get through.
On arriving at Hawne Basin, we took on 171 litres of diesel, and then moored alongside small Woolwich Atlas for the night. We are looking forward to catching up with friend Pam and Andy who moor in the basin and I am also looking to a nice deep bath later. I have my bubble bath ready and waiting.

With the currant situation with the Coronavirus, we have taken the decision not to go to the Easter gathering at Ellesmere Port. We suspect it will probably get cancelled anyway. But we wanted to make the decision ourselves. It is really such a shame for anyone who has organised events. I will put out a plea whilst you are reading my rambling. Please look out for your neighbours young or old and just shop normally, there is no need to panic buy.

A few weeks ago a friend who Winter moors in the Saltisford Arm had a boat fire. He thankfully managed to get out of his boat and was taken to hospital due to the affects of smoke. At the moment he cannot live on his boat, because it needs work doing on him, which is being paid for by his insurance, but Dave had no contents in his insurance package. The council have put him into a dwelling which is totally unsuitable for a man in his 70's with serious health issues and no family, so a friend has opened a GO FUND ME page, so that Dave can buy clothes, bedding and other items which will help him get back on his boat, when it has been repaired by another amazing friend Simon. 
There is always someone worse off than ourselves.

Will catch up later.

Pop back soon xxx

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