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Thursday 12 March 2020

Day 7: Blowing a hooley.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Blimey what a rock and roll evening and there was absolutely no music involved. The only sounds we could hear, was the sound of the wind howling around the boat and waves lapping at the stern. Every now and again we would have a swift downpour of rain, just to keep it interesting. Then, there I was sleeping, all be it badly when at some ungodly hour a boat went past us. Now it has to be said you are allowed to boat at any time of the day and night, but when it is blowing a hooley, I would have thought whoever it was would have been safely moored up at such an hour. Anyway, I hope where ever they were going they got there safely.

Having had a somewhat disturbed night, I was ready for my first brew of the day at 7 am. With BBC WM on and of course the virus being the top topic on the news and all about panic buying, I bought up the subject of the fact that we needed toilet rolls. There had been non in Aldi, which we could use, because neither of us can use the ones with Aloe Vera in them. So we decided we would walk into Tipton and go to the Co-Op to see if they had any toilet rolls on the shelf. It turned out they only had a few packets left and so we managed to get a pack we can use. There was a notice on the shelving asking that people only take three of any item at one time, which I thought was way to much. Sure one item is plenty. This also applies to hand sanitizer and hand gel, which they had non. No one needs to bulk buy unless they have chronic diarrhea. People need to stop being so selfish and give a bit of thought to others, who may actually be in more need of items and yet cannot get hold of anything. Anyway we bought a couple of other things whilst there and went and paid for our items. I got chatting to the lady serving us and she told me it had been crazy how much people were trying to purchase and when asked to put things back, they got very aggressive. At the end of the day any staff are just doing their jobs and so being aggressive with them is just out uncalled for. Secondly there is no need to panic buy.

The soul topic of conversation at the moment seems to be the Coronavirus. You cannot get away from it. It is in the news in the papers ( I do not read them), even just in general chitchat with friends and people we meet. It is all over social media as well and I was reading something a friend put on her Facebook and thought I would share it with you. I apologise if you have already seen it, but I thought it was rather good at explaining all about the virus.

So there’s lots of people from the health service telling everyone that washing your hands is the best way to defeat Covid-19, but lots of people (most?) seem to think that this is a bit silly. Like how the blazes can washing your hands be SO important, and how can it defeat a virus that’s causing so much havoc worldwide?? Well here’s the science bit, because I’m a nerd who likes to know “why” something happens.

The outer wall of a virus is made of lipids, they’re kinda like oils or fats, that’s a simple way of putting it. It’s called a lipid layer. Behind the lipid layer is the virus, it’s made up of proteins and RNA, which is kinda like DNA and it’s what lets the virus replicate. That’s really it, it’s that simple (unless you have a PhD and there’s a few on here with them, but this is for the rest of us who are a bit thick!). ☺️

So, what about the washing of hands with soap?? Here’s the part that nobody is being told, but it’s important (it’s especially important if your a nerd 👀). Soap is made up of loads and loads of lipids, it what makes soap feel so soft and smooth....😍 When you wash your hands really well you get all these lipids on your hands. So if you have Covid-19 on your hands the lipids in the virus wall start to break down, because the lipids in the virus lipid layer are soluble in the lipids in your soap on your hands.

So when you break down the lipid layer you end up destroying the proteins and the RNA. It’s kinda like years ago when your Dad used to clean a paintbrush with turpentine, it’s because the paint was soluble in turpentine.....it’s really that simple. Also, people are searching high and low for antibacterial soap....don’t bother. This is a virus, not a bacteria. Also, antibacterial soap is really just expensive soap. I’ve attached a pic of a virus, it’s a flu one but it doesn’t really matter. Break down the lipid layer with lipids in soap and you’ll kill the virus. YI hope this has been informative.
Feel free to share.

Onto the book I am reading 'The Mill House' by Susan Lewis. Wow it is brilliant. It really has me gripped. There is some erotic content, which is all in context with the book, so if you are of a delicate nature, then maybe it would not be for you. But I am personally really enjoying the book. It has me gripped because I want to know why Julia's father left her and what is the huge secret that no one wants her to find out. Her husband is playing a dangerous game with Sylvia and it will end in tears I think. I will let you know more as I get further into the book, which at the moment I am racing through. It is so well written.

Pop back soon xxx

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