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Saturday 3 July 2010

Boating in the sunshine.

Hi There.

I had the camera and tripod out yesterday evening, hoping to take a photo of the Blackbird, who was giving is such a beautiful tune, but no sooner I had set the camera up, he was off. Oh well never mind. Whilst standing watching the world go by the local PCSO came strolling by and asked if I had seen any youngsters, which I had not. It seems they had been throwing bricks off of Braunston Tunnel. This sort of action could of course kill someone, and so the PCSO was hoping to find out who they were. If I get hold of the little darlings, they will know what it feels like to have bricks thrown at them.
As the evening drew to a close we had a beautiful sunset, over the top lock at Braunston. Unfortunately this photograph does not do it justice. It was as though the sky was on fire. I am a huge fan of sunsets. After an early start we are now moored at High House, having done 9 miles, 7 locks, in 5hrs 50mins. We are moored near where our friends David and Elaine on NB Patience moor.
My morning began at 6.15am with the alarm on my phone going off to "Hey Sexy Lady". One things certain at 6.15am in the morning, I do not feel sexy. I did however have a great nights sleep though. So at 7.30am we had an early cruise through Braunston Tunnel. I love doing tunnels, especially when we pass other boats. The sound of our engine must scare others to death as we pass them hahaha.
When we came out of the other side of the tunnel, Elaine and David were moored up with a gearbox issue. We pulled in just in front of them and realised that the ground was moving. On closer inspection we saw dozens of tiny Froglets all making for the woods and the damp ground. They must have got out of the water some how and were now trying to make it to the woods and the under growth. They were so very sweet. It was a matter of us watching where we put our feet, as we did not want to shorten any of their lives.
Tje other half helped David sort out the issue with the gearbox and we were both soon on our way. Buckby Locks really do not get any easier, but with some boats coming up, it did save a bit of the work. I cannot understand why so many boaters are so miserable. The GOB's were out again today and they seemed to be doing Buckby Locks. Now I know that the locks are not easy, but there is no need to be so miserable, especially when someone is trying to be helpful. I do wonder if being helpful is such a good idea.
Being a Saturday and sunny, there were lots of boats, which included the hire fleet from Gayton Junction. One such hire boat came past us, with its occupants dressed as Pirates. What got my attention even more though was the lady sitting on the back counter with her legs hanging over the edge, and her feet in the water. I shouted to her to get her feet out of the water and her legs in. This was a serious accident waiting to happen and yet she seemed totally oblivious to the dangers. Hopefully with us having pointing the danger out, she will not do that again on her boating holiday.
So here we are at High House and the only mooring available was under trees with low hanging branches. Having moored up, we got the loppers out and did a bit of gardening. The trees have now had a hair cut. I wonder if BW will pay me for doing their job. At least we will not hear the branches rubbing on the roof all night. With jobs and lunch done, we walked round and had a cold drink with Elaine and David and are now back onboard Hadar watching the football on a pretty good signal. Argentina are going home one thinks, as they are 3-0 done with about 5 mins to go.
We will probably stay here until Monday and then make a move.

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