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Sunday 25 July 2010

A good time had by all.

Hi Friends.

It is the morning, after the day before, which was Pisces Anniversary Party. She is 75 years young now.
I along with my better hard had worked hard for a couple of days with Dave, getting the Boathouse ship shape for Pisces 75th Anniversary. We cleaned and painted everything to within an inch of its life. Which I think did not do my cold any favours. I struggled yesterday with coughing and so left Keith to help out with the hanging of signs and further painting, whilst I cleaned the inside of our boat, which had dog hair in balls on the floor. Pad's hair had gathered in little pockets, like tumbleweed. So I put the hoover around and did a general tidy up. Later in the morning we moved Hadar over the canal and moored alongside Pisces, which meant a lot to Keith to see Hadar and Pisces moored side-by-side. Because our boat is a copy of Pisces, all dreamt up by Keith over 40 years ago.
The afternoon drew ever closer and a few people began to arrive, so the festivities kicked off, with trying to get the Bar-B-Q going. At first it seemed to be cooking on gas, but with no one keeping an eye on it, it soon died and was an absolute pain to get going again. In the end we managed to get one side up and running, but left the other to go out completely. With any party the drink always flows freely, and this party was no different. Everyone that came to the party, bought some food for the Bar-B-Q and something to drink, and Dave also supplied some drink and food as well. Keith enjoyed catching up with some faces from the past. Lots of memories were dragged kicking and screaming into 2010, as they recalled things from way back when. A good time was had by all as we wished Pisces a Happy Birthday with a glass of Champagne. Here's to another 75 years. I struggled a bit with my cold and only actually had a couple of glasses of Cider and something to eat. The problem I had was, the more I chatted, the more I coughed, so I did not say to much for the whole event. In the end I was being eaten alive by flies, so at 11pm, I retreated back to the boat, where I listened to the partying going on. I have to say I do find that when people drink they get very loud and I find that difficult to cope with. So for me being back in the peace and quiet of the boat suited me more. I could cough my head off in privacy.

I dare say today, we will be cleaning up after the night before. As I took Pad for his walk, I noticed lots of plates with food still on them and plenty of empty bottles etc. So we will be helping to tidy up no doubt.
Because we moved over yesterday and moored alongside Pisces, Paddy cannot get off the boat without being carried over the boats. He is a wimp and will not jump from boat to boat. So to get him on and off the boat, we have to carry him like a baby. I am not sure if his fear of jumping gaps stems from his puppy days, but he does not like leaping across holes and it is even worse if water is involved. Bless his cotton sock.

Today I would like to say "Good Luck" to Wendy my sister-in-law, who is doing Race For Life Today and Happy Birthday to Dave.

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