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Monday 5 July 2010

A Hard Slog.

Had a nice relaxing start to the day, after a reasonably good nights sleep.
I did the usual morning things, like walking the dog and making breakfast. We then waved goodbye to our friends Elaine and David. Having left our mooring, we thumped under the road bridge and out into the countryside. It was somewhat quieter this morning after the weekends frantic activity of boats passing us in both directions. I did not get my photograph opportunity of boats colliding in the bridge hole. Maybe another time. The jaunt was a picturesque one, with stunning views across the valley. For most of the cruise we were accompanied by the railway and trains flashing past every now and again.
We are now moored up at Bugbrooke. As we pulled into the moorings and the boat rode over something large in the water, which sent us careering back out into the channel! Thankfully the boat coming in the opposite direction was looking at what was going on and took evasive action. Whatever it is, it is big and solid and just behind the boats stern. We thanked the other boater for his patience and he went on his way as we tied up for the day. Having closed the boat up, we set off to the village shop for some supplies. I only got salad stuff because whist it is still too hot to cook, we are going to behave like rabbit's ha ha ha. Bugbrooke is a pretty little village, with honey coloured stone houses, many of them look to be very elderly. The village also has a pub, hairdressers, florists and post office. So it has been a long hard slog of 2 miles in 1hr 5mins (only joking). We are stopping here today, as there is no hurry for us to get anywhere at the moment. We have until the 24th to reach our destination, so loads of time. I think this afternoon, I will be cleaning the boat down, because having been moored under trees, we have bird poo down the sheeting and stuff on the roof. I will be out after lunch with my bucket and sponge giving the boat a wash I reckon.

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