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Wednesday 7 July 2010

Slow as they go...

Hi Friends.

We arrived at Stoke Bruerne yesterday after a non eventful cruise. Well pretty much uneventful.

The morning began as always. I lay awake listening to early boats on the move and birdsong ringing the start of yet another hot day to come.

I wonder if birds ever lose their voices???

I hope not. Because the countryside would be such a dull place without the feather choir.

So we left our overnight mooring, behind another boat who had been moored behind us overnight. The eventful part of our jaunt came as we were in tickover for over a mile, as we tried not to push the gentlemans boat a long the canal. Bless him he was going so slow, that we almost aged 5 years whilst we moved a long. He also seemed determined to sit in the centre of the canal. Eventually I think he realised he was just in our way and moved over to allow us to go by. This caused him somewhat of a problem, because as we passed him, we sucked all the water from underneath him and he was left sat on the mud. No sooner we were past, he was able to get underway again and we left him to cruise in tick over. Of course it is his right to cruise in tick over if he so wishes, but he should be mindful of others. Especially those who are working boats, going about their trade. As we past him, I said "Good Morning" and wished him a good day. I like to be polite to all.

We arrived in Stoke Bruerne and decided to eat out for lunch, we had lunch at Spice of Bruerne, which was very nice indeed. We can totally recommend it, if you like Indian food. The last time we ate there was a year ago and the food was still as good. We both had Chicken Pasanda, with Pilau Rice and a Naan bread, this was on a meal deal for £6.95 each. Of an evening this meal would have cost £11.95 each, so a real bargain. It was nice to have a cooked meal, as we have been living off of salads. Not only that I did not have to lift a finger, not even to do the washging up. Which is always a bonus.

After lunch we set up shop with the other half's rag rugs laid out on the roof of the boat for all to see. We also put out the bits and pieces we have to sell. These are things we have picked up over the winter. We sold a few bits, not bad for a first time. We also spent a fair amount of time chatting to passers-by. Some people were having a day out and others were on holiday. The main interest for some was the cat and dog. I reckon if I charge 50p for each photograph taken I would be worth a fair amount of money by now. 5pm and we closed up shop for the day and I decided to take the camera and tripod up into the woodland walk to see what was about. I spotted this Rabbit lounging in the late afternoon sunshine. Unfortunately it got scared off by a dog barking and scurried off down it burrow. There were lots of little birds about, but they were to high in the trees for me to photograph them.
It had been a great day, which ended with us watching the football, with feet up and a cuppa.

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