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Thursday 29 July 2010

Denham Deep and Village.

Hi Friends.

We are now moored above Denham Deep Lock having done 0.7miles, 1 lock, in 40 mins, it was only a short jaunt, as we are in no hurry. Once we moored up above the lock, we walked to the very pretty village of Denham. The village is approximately a mile from the canal. You walk through the Colne Valley Park and across the Golf Course. Having looked around this picturesque village, with St. Mary's Church, which is absolutely beautiful, we had a coffee at The Green Man, which is right next door to yet another pub The Swan. Some very famous people have lived in Denham. These include Sir John Mills, who lived in Hills House from 1975 for 29 years. Cilla Black, Paul Daniels, Roger Moore and others have made their home in Denham, so as you can imagine it has some rather large homes in it, worth a lot of money. The village has a lot of character and chocolate box charm. Denham Village survives as a peaceful and unspoiled area of historic buildings. It is defintely worth a visit, even if it is only for a drink in one of the four pubs. We chose to go to The Green Man for a coffee, as we were both in need of a drink, but it was to early for anything other than coffee.
Denham was also well known for its film studios, which were operating from 1936 to 1952. Films such as Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939), Thief of Bagdad (1940) and many others. The studio no longer exists, which is a great shame.
Having enjoyed a lovely stroll back across Denham Country Park and the Golf Course, where the meadow was alive with butterflies and insects.We called into the cafe by Denham Deep Lock and bought some Pickle and Chutney. The Bramley Apple Chutney was excellent in the sandwiches we had at at lunch time.
After lunch I got down to cleaning the boats brass and giving the boat a wipe down, as it was covered in allsorts of things.
There were boats coming and going, up and down Denham Deep Lock. One of the boats coming up left the paddles up, so I had to close them down, otherwise eventually we would have been lacking water. Then later in the afternoon an ex-working boat, came up through the lock and the lock wheeler dropped ever paddle grrrrrrrrrr, obviously they are not worried about the damage they may cause and the repair bill which British Waterway's will be left with should they have to repair the paddles should they break, which is easily done, if the paddles repeatedly get dropped.
I have had a wonderful day, which has ended in a nice relaxing shower and a cuppa.

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