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Friday 16 July 2010

A little Rock and Roll.

Hi Friends.

What a night we had. I can finally say the DVD player is no longer. It worked for all of 20 minutes and then gave up the ghost, so we will be buying a new one at some point.
The wind continued to blow a hooley all night, which meant despite making sure the boat was securely tied up, she still kept hitting something on the mooring. Also there was a lot of things knocking about on the roof, due to the wind. It took me a whiloe to drop off to sleep and then when I thought I had been a sleep for hours, I discovered it was only 1am, which was not good news. I also realised I had developed a sore throat, which I absolutely hate getting. I can cope with almost anything, but sore throats I hate with a passion. There was nothing for it, but to get up and get a drink, which woke the other half up, who wanted to know if I was ok.
I said "I just needed a drink". So he turned over and went back to sleep. Leaving me laying awake once more.
7am and I was awake again, listening to the wind and the birds that could be bothered to sing. With hubby getting up to use the bathroom, I decided to tidy away the bed and get dressed. I laid on breakfast and a cuppa, before taking Pad for his morning constitutional. The one blessing from having strong winds all night, is the swigs which break off, making great kindling for our stoves. I am still collecting wood for the winter. I gathered as much as I could in my arms and trundled back to the boat.
We were ready to set off at 8.45am. First destination Cow Roast Lock. I was a little surprized to see that one of the lock cottages is still for sale. It is such a pretty place, I thought it would have been snapped up. Maybe it is the asking price, which is putting people off.
At Dudswell Lock we met up with Neil on NB Slow and Easy, he was going as far as Berkhamsted as well, so we made the most of sharing the locks. I walked between some of the locks as they are only a quarter of a mile apart from each other and it made life easier for the other half.
The one thing I have noticed on the cruise from Braunston, there are pockets of persistant moorers. How do I know they are persistant moorers you thinking. They are a giveaway, because they set up home on the towpaths and they leave all their rubbish everywhere. I just wonder where they have all come from. My guess is London. With the Olympic in 2012, I bet they have been moved on from around the site, and this is where they have ended up. WOnder how long it will be before they are moved on again?
We are now moored in Berkhemsted, having done 3 miles, 7 locks, in 2hrs 30mins, and we will be here for the weekend.

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