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Sunday 4 July 2010

Sunday Morning.... A day of rest????

Good morning friends.

Whatever happened to the days gone by, when Sunday's were a day of rest and relaxation, or was this a man's opinion??

Let's face it even back then women still had to do the cooking, cleaning and being a general dogs body. So where was the Sunday day of rest for us girlie's huh?

So yep it is a Sunday and the sun is still shining, but there is a strong breeze blowing. Great for drying washing, if I had any to dry LOL. I could not hang it out anyway today, because it would get tangled up in the branches of the trees over hanging the boat at the moment. Mind you it would make for a better decoration than the dog poo bags I saw this morning, hanging in the hedge. Arghhhhhh.

I was in bed last night by 9.30pm as I was totally cream crackered after yesterday. I slept like a log and woke up just after 6am. Having lay awake listening to the other half groaning, due to his bad back, I got up and made us a cup of the rosy lee. We eventually got up at 8.30am, having lay there listening to the wind and the boats speeding past into the blind bridge hole. The hound then got walked a long the towpath where we met a couple of fishermen, who had been there since 5am. They usually fish from 5am till 11am and get home in time for lunch. The hound loves fishing and sat transfixed by the float. He would sit and watch for fish for hours, if given the chance. He got very excited when one of the fisherman pulled up a small Roach. It was then time to wish them a good day and go on our way back to the boat. I did us a cooked breakfast, to set us up for the day, as I have a few things I want to get done. So lunch would end up late, if I was in the middle of something.

I am sat typing this and alls I can hear are horns going off, as boats try and get through the blind bridge hole without hitting someone else. Some of them maybe blowing their horns, but they fail to slow down, so I am now waiting for the crash as boats meet head on at speed. if this happens I will try and capture it on film for you all to see. I will be amazed if there is not an accident before the day is through.

Ok back again after I had to leave the computer to get some jobs done. The first of the jobs was collecting sticks from the hedgerows. I like to collect my Winter supply in the Summer when the wood is dry. Although I do sell Kindling, I will not burn it on the back stove. The hedgerow sticks are to help keep the stove in at night. I usually pile the stove up with coal, and then on top of that, I have a layer of sticks, and a layer of ash on the top, this keeps the stove in all night. Then in the morning I just riddle the bottom of the fire, open it up and woosh away it goes, catching on the sticks I made it up with. I hope to fill at least half a dozen coal sacks with dry sticks before the Autumn. More if I can manage it, but this is always determined by where we moor up. I have two sacks so far, so doing pretty well. The second of the jobs was to price up all our Summer goods for sale. This includes all sorts of bits and pieces and includes my poetry books, which I wrote a few years ago. Precious Moments I edited and supplied some poems for, as all the proceeds go to Cancer Research. 'Seasons of the Waterway's' I wrote because of my enjoying of the canals in the UK. I am yet to write another book, as I have been very busy with the coal business. Hopefully in the near future I will write something again. My dream is to write a proper book about life on the waterways, warts and all. After all if Terry Darlington can do it then so can I. But I am not about to cross the Channel or any other open sea to make the book more exciting LOL. So goodies all priced up and I am now enjoying a coffee with a biscuit. The Men's Tennis final is on and Nadal is winning at the moment. Pad is flaked out at my feet and the cat has gone off in disgust, because she is not able to go outside. The reason why is she hates the wind. I would willingly let her out, but I know full well she would come straight back in, with her ears down against the strong breeze blowing.

I am still waiting for the crash of boats. There have been plenty going by, but no crashes as yet. I am living in hope, because they are all going way to fast for my liking and the boats as well, because she keeps bouncing off of the bank, even though she is tied up firmly and is weighing 30 tonne at the moment. Right I am off now. I have to think about tonights dinner.

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