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Thursday 15 July 2010

Thunderstorms and Wind.

Hi Folks.

Over the past few days, we have been told that we are going to get rain and more rain, which would be lovely, because we certainly need water to keep the system full. Having moored up yesterday, the storm clouds were gathering in the distance and were blowing our way. Within an hour, there was a huge clap of thunder and the heavens opened. I thought whoopie here comes the rain, and about time too.

We had three huge claps of thunder and the rain absolutely hammered down. The surface of the water, looked like it was boiling or the rain drops were dancing. Having had so much dry weather, it was wonderful to see the rain falling, but it was short lived, because it seemed no sooner it was raining, it then stopped and the sun came out. It was more like an April shower. So rain over and done with for the night, the wind really got up, it was blowing a hooley all night. But we had a great TV reception so we were not bothered.
I was awake at 6am, this was mainly due to the fact that my shoulder was non to happy. I had been lying on it, which did not help. It did not bode well for the day. I got up and did my shoulder exercises, to help relieve the pain, so was hoping that it would be ok for the locks, I was going to have to do today. After breakfast we set off from the mooring, and up the Marsworth Flight. The wind was blowing a hooley across some parts of the cut, which made for a difficult morning. We were on our own, there was nothing much else moving. This was probably due to the wind. I am not bothered what weather I move in. It is all apart of boating, you just get on with it. The Tring Reservoir alongside the flight was full, which was good. Because all's I have been hearing, is the fact that the reservoirs are either very low or empty. We arrived at the top of the Marsworth Flight and there were two boats ready to come down, so we left the gates open and made our way past the dry dock, where there were a couple of old wooden working boats waiting to be worked on. The Bulbourne moorings were very quiet. It looks like the continual moorers who were there for ages have been moved on. There were a couple of boats moored up, one of them a shed on water, which had no licence and looked like it was only just floating. We decided as it was only 10.45am, we would carry on to near Cowroast. We are now moored at Beggars Lane Wharf on the Tring cutting, having done 4.3miles 9 locks in 3hrs 10mins.
The shoulder is not to bad now. I am going to put some ice on it later, to see if that helps. Right now it is time for some lunch and then I may actually clean the brass in the back cabin. There is no point in doing the outside brass work, because the weather is so unpredictable at the moment. But I can do the brass in the back cabin, which goes dull after a few days due to the moisture in the air. I am a lover of clean, shiny brass. I have put the ariel up and we have some sort of a signal. It will do for the news and weather.

I told you yesterday that our DVD player had died, well I am pleased to say it is alive and kicking. Last night I thought I would try it out, to see if it was dead or not and low and behold it worked. I deduced that because we had DVD's behind the TV, which is on a swinging wall bracket, air could not circulate around the TV, this meant the DVD player over heated, and therefore stopped working. Having cooked down, it now works again and I have removed the DVD's and books from behind the TV. Money has been saved, which is always a good thing. If the TV is not much good this evening, we will be watching a DVD I reckon.

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