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Friday 9 July 2010

Good afternoon.

Phewwwww its hot, hot, hot. There was a distinct lack of sleep last night onboard...
It was all due to the heat and no not what your thinking. The boat was not rocking all night. It was way to hot for that. We were both awake to hear the start of the dawn chorus. One little bird started it off and then the choir joined in one by one. It was really quite magical.
We left the Cosgrove mooring having spoken to Hazel the mooring warden. Hazel makes fantastic, Rag Rugs if you are looking for someone to make you one. Other than that we can sell you one of ours lol.
It was nice to see our first Canada Geese of the year with their young. There are non up on the Leicester Section, that we have seen over the Winter. Another bird missing up there as well is the Heron. Maybe they need to come and see the surrounding, they would definitely stay if they did.
With only the one lock to do, which was done with a hire boat, we had a lovely cruise to Wolverton, where we stopped to go to Tesco for a food shop. I got more salad stuff and squash to drink. In this weather we all need to keep our fluid levels up, otherwise we could dehydrate. Back onboard, I unpacked the shopping whilst we moved.
We met the fleet of 7 working boats travelling from Paddington to Atherstone carrying gravel, trust us to meet them at a bridge 'ole! It was fabulous to see them all, doing the job they were built for. The draw back for them and for us as a working boat loaded is the other boats on the cut, who do not have a clue what they are doing. My advice is stay well out of the way of the gravel boats, especially the ones that are towing, because they cannot stop easily. We did not have a problem, because we knew what they were going to be doing, so kept out of their way enough for them to come straight through. Not sure whether the two hire boats behind us, would have known to have kept clear.
Because we had one of the hire boats up our stern having let the gravel boats go through, we decided to pull over at
The Black Horse, Great Lindon, and let both boats pass, as they probably had to get back to the hire company. We waved them on and let them pass. What happened next was extremely annoying. No sooner they past us and we moved back out into the channel, they decided to pull in and moor up.
Why oh why did they not shout to us they were going to moor up?
That way we would have just kept going arghhhhhhhhhh. Don't get me wrong I love hirers I really do, but these really annoyed me.
So we pasted them, and went on our way. We are now moored near Gulliver's Milton Keynes. 7.1 miles, 1 lock, 3hrs 15mins. We will be here for the weekend now. I have just made us some salad wraps for lunch with Garlic Mayo, and I think for dinner we will be having burgers in buns, as it is way to hot to cook.

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