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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Life in the fast lane.

Hi Folks.

The British Summer continues in the same vain. Wall to wall sunshine, with a breeze at the right moment to cool you down everso slightly. Yep I was greeted by a lovely sunny yet again this morning, when I stepped off of the boat to take Pad for his jolly, after what was a fantastic nights sleep in the countryside. We are most definitely gonna stop at Cassiobury Park again, because it was so quiet. On saying that though I did wake up in a pool of sweat. Sorry for being so graphic, but I was running in the wet stuff. I am sure some of it was due to the heat, but I know that most of it was due to the flippin Menopause. It is now getting out of hand and is made worse by this hot weather. Still I look at it, that it will not last for ever (I hope).
Jobs done, breakfast done, cuppa drunk and it was time for the off. So we said goodbye to Barbara on NB Cloud 9 and I said cheerio to the Cygnet that had been left by its parents to fend for itself. It has to be said it has the hump at being left a lone. But as I told it yesterday, we all had to leave home at some point and your time has come. The expression on its face did not give much away, but hopefully it will be ok.
Our morning cruise was pretty quiet. There was absolutely nothing going in our direction, so we were going it alone down the double locks again. At the second of the Cassiobury Park Locks, the paddles were all up, and a BW boat was sitting in the pound. So having set the lock in our favour, I walked down to ask the workmen if they wanted me to leave the paddles up. The reply was "No, we are going up now". So as we exited the lock, we left it open for them and wished them a good day. Whilst moving I tried to note down all the places that we maybe able to moor, if it was deep enough, because mooring places for us are getting few and far between, especially on the designated ones, because they seem to be full of continual moorers down this way, which really is not on.
As we left Lot Mead Lock and headed towards Batchworth Lock, we were greeted by this obstacle. Some bodies boat, had taken it upon itself to escape the mooring. It was attached at the stern, and hopefully someone on the BW moorings will secure the bow, before the boat totally escapes to pastures new. As we made our way to Batchworth Lock, I spotted my favourite boat on BW moorings. I call it a shed on water, but it is so quirky that it is beautiful. Whenever I see this boat it makes me smile.
having done 4.1 miles, 7 locks, in 3hrs 20mins. We did Batchworth Lock with NB Solace with Lynda and Jeff onboard. We then pulled in to take on water and empty the cassette. Thankfully we were able to get a mooring just before Tesco, which we will visit in the morning.
it was 12.30pm and our minds turned to lunch as we moored up. Keith suggested the Chinese Buffet, which we always love to go to when we are in Rickmansworth, so we shut the boat up and hot footed it into town. Tangs does a lunchtime buffet for £5 ahead, which is the second cheapest we know. Tummy nice and full, we had a wander around the shops and found a small saucepan in one of the Charity Shops. Our other small pan has losts its non-stick and is hopeless, so was glad to pay £1.45 for a new one.
Back at the boat, Keith surfed the net and I went off with the camera, to see what I could photograph at the Aquadrome. I found this dear little bee, busily working away. The Aquadrome is not only a haven for wildlife, it is also used for water sports. I sat and watched as the water skier's lived life in the fast lane. Thank goodness they cannot do this on the canal LOL.
When Pad is due for his evening walk, we may take a stroll around the lakes and enjoy what the Aquadrome has to offer.
Yet another fabulous day.

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