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Saturday 10 July 2010

Fast food and great conversation.

Hi Folks.

Well what a fantastic day I have had. We walked into town through the park, which is fantastic. If you have never been to Milton Keynes, you really should come and have a look at the town and the park, it is lovely. Our first destination was looking for somewhere to have a drink, because in this heat wave, which we are having at the moment, taking on fluids is important. We ended up at the outdoor market, having a coffee from one of the cafe vans, which was actually really not bad. The outdoor market is a mixture of fashions, fruit and veg, shoes and bits and bobs. I reckon you can buy most things there. With the heat building, it was nice to get into the shopping centre and the air conditioning. Milton Keynes has a massive shopping centre, which has all the usual stores, but it does not have a Primark, which is a huge disappointment to me. So if anyone is reading this from Primark, please open a store in Milton Keynes. I love Primark.
Why you ask?
Because their clothing is cheap. Living on and working a boat does not warrant expensive clothing, because it gets dirty very quickly and can be ruined in no time. So I either go to Charity Shops or Primark. Mind you some of the Charity Shops have got very expensive of late. I will not name, names they know who they are. You can no longer get a bargain in some of them, which is a real shame.
Having walked around the shops and bought a couple of items. None of them exciting believe me, we decided to go to Pizza Hut for some lunch. Normally we would go for a Chinese Buffet, but we fancied a change and a Pizza was the order of the day, with a nice cold drink. I think the last time we had a Pizza was in Milton Keynes a year ago. That is how much we eat Pizza's lol. Lunch over we wandered back to the boat, through the park and came upon a Cricket match going on at the Milton Keynes Cricket Ground. It was way to hot to be running up and down a cricket ground, that is definite, but the game must go on it seems. We left them to it and were soon approaching the boat, where Mac and Pam were setting up shop on the boat NB Mona Lisa.
As they worked we chatted and drank coffee and chatted some more. Before we knew it, it was time to feed Paddy and run the generator. Pam makes cabin lace and is going to make me some port hole lace, which is great, because it is not easy to get hold of. I am only to happy to pay her for her hard work.

Whilst the generator ran, I did a laundry wash and hung it in the engine room and on the stern. It will not take to long to dry in this heat. Although a nice breeze has got up, so who knows we may get a cooler night.
At this moment in time, we are watching the TV and enjoying another cold drink. I think we must have drunk gallons today. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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