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Saturday 10 July 2010

Grumpy Old Woman.

Morning all.

Done my Grumpy Old Woman bit already at 8.15am, with a woman whose dog ran at Paddy growling. Paddy was on his lead behaving himself.
The woman said "Does your dog not like other dogs".
My reply ot her was. "My dog loves other dogs. But I chose to have him on a lead to avoid dogs like yours".
I told her. " Your dog should be on a lead". But she walked off just saying ok in a snide tone.
I was clearly in the right, because Paddy was under control, so why do I feel like I was in the wrong arghhhhhhhh?

It is going to be a scorcher again today. I am so glad we have some shade under trees.
We are going into town this morning for a mooch around the Market and shops. We have already decided we will catch the bus and not walk, because it is already hot out. I am sure as a woman I will come back with something. It will not be shoes or handbags, because I don't do them. I do however need some t-shirts for working in. Boring I know, but needed. I am hoping we may even have some lunch in town, which will mean I do not have to do anything on the boat for dinner tonight. I hate cooking when its hot and we are now getting cheesed off with salads. I think I have done every sort of salad their is. But if you can come up with another idea please let me know, as I am running out of ideas.

I am listening to the local radio and they are talking about a pub, which has already got up their Christmas decorations. Are they totally barking mad, or is this a ploy.
I actually think they are barking mad, but it could work in their favour, because everyone locally is now talking about the pub, so maybe they will get more Christmas bookings due to this ploy. or it could go horribly wrong, and people will avoid it like the plague.

Right I am off. I may post later, if I am not to cream crackered. Have a lovely day.

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