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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Short back and sides, along with good food.

Hi friends.

What a strange day we are having, as far as the weather goes?
One minute it is sprinkling us with a few drops of the wet stuff and then it is humid and sunny. The forecast was for heavy rain, but so far that has not materialised.
You wait now, that I have said that it will chuck it down ha ha ha.

So the day began with a lovely lie in, after a fantastic nights sleep. Thankfully Pad was not desperate to go out, so I did not have to spring to life to early. Marmite put in her usual morning appearance, which ended up with her under the duvet all curled up in a ball. That was however short lived, because once up the bed was rolled into the bed 'ole and put away. Oh the joy's of not having to make a bed properly, it is heaven I have to admit. Not sure how I will feel when I am in my dotage and have to crawl on my hands and knees in the bed 'ole to make the bed up. Not even sure if I will be able to do it then lol.

Dressed and off up the towpath with an over excited pooch, who wanted to attack my shoes for pleasure. Pad has these moments of total madness sometimes and there is no reason for them it seems. But it made for a little amusement, before it was back to the boat for breakfast. I had just poured my cup of tea down my throat and hubby was ready for the off into town. Wallet check, Key's check, Sunglasses check ok we could go. I suppose it is about a half mile walk into the town from where we are moored and by the time we had got there, we were both rather hot and sweaty. So it was an opportune moment to find a cup of coffee.

Why is it some places want to charge you £1.35 for a small coffee, when you can go practically next door and get the same thing for 95p?
I refuse to pay over inflated prices for tea or coffee. So we had the 95p cuppa and very nice it was to. I find Costa Coffee and Starbucks so over rated and so it was a normal old cafe for us.

Next on the list of things to do was to get my hair cut. Now this is another money wasting thing that annoys me. I want a straight dry cut, no washing or frills and yet some places want to charge me £30 grrrrrrrr. Thankfully Uxbridge has a SuperCuts, where I can get exactly what I want for £12.95. Thank goodness for SuperCuts and their fabulous staff. So I sat in the chair and had one and half inches lopped off.

Isn't it funny how much better you feel after having your hair cut???Next port of call was Curry's for a Blu-Ray DVD Player, because our DVD player is dead, deceased, no more. We found a player which suited out needs to a point. It was not 12 volt, but then none of them were. But it is pretty low on watts, so it would have to do the job. We get to watch our DVD's with a better quality picture woooo hooo.
Having had a wander around the town, which was heaving with people, now that the school holidays are upon us, we made our way back towards the boat. I then came up with a brain wave of having some lunch at The Swan and Bottle Pub. I have never been in their before, but hubby has with his family many years ago. The pub is lovely and homely inside. Keith went to the bar and ordered our food and drinks. At lunch time you can get a 2 course meal for £6.95 each, which is very good. Our first course arrived, I had Scampi and Chips and Keith had Beef and Ale Pie with mash and veg. Both meals were very nice indeed. When it came to the pudding we both had the Apple and Rhubarb Crumble, I had Ice Cream with mine and Keith had the Custard and whilst the Puds were lovely, we did have to wait for around half and hour for them to arrive, so the service is a little hit and miss. I guess with it being lunch time they were busy, but even so I did expect it to be better service. I would however eat there again.
We walked the meal off as we stroled back up the towpath to the boat, where we immediately needed a cold drink. I then set about moving some coal in the hold. I needed to readjust how it was sitting in the hold, so that I could get the bow to come up a bit. Having done that we then sat outside and watched the world go by. Actually no Keith was doing his Crossword and I was knitting yet more dishcloths. I was however keeping a close eye on the looming dark clouds, which I felt sure were going to being the heavy rain forecast, but nope all's we got was a few spots in the end. It has been another good day all in all and now I am everso slightly shattered, so will put my feet up and enjoy a quiet evening.

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