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Wednesday 14 July 2010

Leighton Buzzard and beyond.

Hi Folks.

So much for watching anything on TV last night. The signal was so bad, we only had BBC1 and that was bad. So we dipped into the DVD collection and watched 'The Dirty Dozen' first and were watching 'The Golden Compass' when the DVD player packed in arghhhhhh. So hubby set up his computer, so we could finish watching the film. After that it was time for bed.

Awake early, as cars and people were coming past the boat. So we were up and ready to set off at 9am leaving the Globe Inn behind once more. Our first port of call was Tesco at Leighton Buzzard. I went in and got a few bits, which hubby stayed on the boat. It was all done and dusted in 30 minutes and we were on the move again at 10am. I put the food away on the move.

On this boat the food is always on the move. In the hutch are Chickens and there were more in a cage on the stern. Fresh Eggs everyday mmmm. I have seen a lot of different animals and birds on boats but this was a first for Chicken's.
Have a look at this photo and tell me what you see or don't see?
We did not see it until the last minute and by then it was to late to slow down to tickover.

It was a year ago since we were on this part of the system. Even in that year there have been big changes. We arrived at Grove Lock and was shocked to see a new Marina above the lock. Grove Lock Marina was finished in December 09 and looks very nice. We got through Slapton Lock and as we left the lock NB Skystone pulled out in front of us. We both got to Horton Lock and I set the lock as the gentleman was single handing. When I say single handing, he was not a lone, he had his dog Sadie onboard. But as he said "I have not trained her to do the locks yet". So it was down to me, with his help once in the lock. Now the plan had been to stop above Horton Lock, which is where we have stopped before, but we could not get in at all. The pound was down about 4 inches, which did not help. So we decided to carry on with NB Skystone. I went down into the galley and made us some lunch, which consisted of Panini Rolls and homemade cake. I was gonna need the energy for the remaining locks of the day. The one thing I really needed was a drink, but there was no time for that. I was in charge of the locks and the one swing bridge. We arrived at the swing bridge and I opened it for our boat to go through and NB Skystone was following close behind. Coming in the other direction, was a small plastic cruiser, which what sounded like a very poorly engine. We passed through and before NB Skystone could cruise through, I heard an elderly gentleman on the cruiser shout "Floor it, go on go for it". They barged their way through, meaning NB Skystone had to take evasive action. Apparently they said that they did not see him, but that was rubbish, because it was on a straight. I hope their boat breaks down in the middle of no where, after what they did.
After a busy day, we are now moored below lock 37, Marsworth pair, 8.7 miles, 10 locks, 5hrs 40mins. Some of the pounds were a little low. It has been another good day though. I know I will sleep well tonight. NB Skystone carried on up the next lock, so we may see him again tomorrow.
Thankfully my shoulder seems to have survived the day ok. I am not in any major pain, which is a blessing. The TV ariel is up and we have a fabulous signal, so it will be a quiet night in front of the box tonight and probably an early night for me, as I am feeling cream crackered right now.

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