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Monday 19 July 2010

From Berko to Boxmoor.

Hi Folks.

We are now at The Fishery Inn, Boxmoor, 3.2 miles, 11 locks, 3hrs 50mins. Wanted to moor at The Three Horses at Winkwell, but not deep enough, it was last year!

We left Berkhamsted at 8.30am, having been awake since 6.30am. My sore throat has now turned into a cold, but I am not feeling to sorry for myself. I will just keep on sneezing and sniffing until it clears up. With no one to share the locks with yet again we came down through the first lock on our own and spent all morning by ourselves pretty much.
I love this Totem Pole. It comes from Southern Kwakiutu in British Columbia, Canada.

Near Bridge 144, Blue Boar are dredging the canal, to back fill where they are putting in new edging on the offside. I got chatting to one of the workers, and he told me they would be there for another 7 weeks. So no doubt we will be seeing them on our return trip.
I should have suggested they dredge at Winkwell, on reflection. I must remember to mention it on the way back. After all if you do not ask.

We arrived at Winkwell having down the Winkwell pair of locks, and moored up near to the Swing Bridge and the Three Horseshoes Inn. But no sooner we had put the kettle on and sat down, we were listing as boaters drew water off of the pound to fill lock 60.
This was hopeless, what is the point in having a 48 hour ringed moorings, if boaters cannot get in on them?
So we untied the boat and moved the boat backwards, but it was no use, we could not even get her into the back. She was sitting over a foot away, which was absolutely no go for Paddy, who hates having to jump anything. I decided the best thing to do was to have a quick bite to eat, then set off and find somewhere else to moor. I was kind of hoping another boat would come down the locks and we could pair up. My prayers were answered, because no sooner we had eaten lunch a vision appeared in the lock. It was NB Solace with Lynda and Jeff onboard. I enquired as to whether they were mooring up or going on and they said they were carrying on. So I asked if they would mind us sharing with them, which they didn't. I then helped them down through the lock and then went ahead and set the Swing Bridge. Just as one barrier was going down, a flippin car appeared from nowhere, so I stopped the bridges process to allow the car through. The gentleman driver did say "Thank You" as he passed, which was very polite of him. I attempted to get the bridge going again, but clearly it did not like me stopping it in mid process and so it refused to work. Jeff very kindly took over and hey presto it worked. Sometimes it takes a man's touch LOL. Bridge and lock done we were both on our way. For us the jaunt ended below Fishery's Inn Lock, where we were able to get the boat in on a piled mooring with some lovely shade from trees. We said cheerio to Jeff and Lynda and wished them well. This is going to be our mooring for the night.

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