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Tuesday 23 February 2010

12% of men do not know what???

Good afternoon.

It is snowing here again, which does not surprise me because the sky has looked very threatening, not only that my hair has been very static. Don't laugh. I always know when snow is coming because snow is on the way. The photo above was from a few days ago. I love the blue look to it.

So 12% of men do not know what???
This may surprise you, 12% of men do not know the colour of their partners eyes. I can honestly say my husband knows mine and I know his.
How can you not know what colour your partners eyes are?
Don't people look each other in the eyes anymore?

Today has been taken up with entertaining, the Dentist and fine dining. After the usual morning stuff. Another boating friend came to visit us with his dog. We all settled down with a coffee to catch up on all the latest news and gossip. When boaters get together for a natter, chat can be about anything. We do not just talk about all things boating. Come 10.30am I had to get ready to go to the dentist, so our friend left as he had shopping to do. Hubby and I walked down to the dentist, where I had my check up. We then went to the Angel Hotel for a scrummy lunch. You can have a two course meal for £7.95, which is excellent, because the food is amazing. Hubby had roasted Pork Loin, with roasties, veg and apple sauce, then Sticky Toffee Pud with Custard. I had Chicken Fillet with a Peppercorn Sauce on a bed of Mash with veg, then a Lemon and Blueberry Square ( like cheese cake) with Clotted Cream Ice Cream. To say it was scrummy is an under statement. Definitely a place to eat. We will go there again without a doubt. We were then supposed to go back to the dentist, as one of hubby's fillings has fallen out. He was told his appointment was for 2.20pm, but when we got there, they did not have him down grrrrrrrrr, so we have to go back on Thursday. With nothing else to do in the town, we walked back to the boat, just as the snow began to fall once more. So many people are moaning and groaning about this weather now, but I love it and will always love it. It is so wonderful to have a proper winter for a change.

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