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Friday 5 February 2010

That Friday Feeling.

Good afternoon friends and followers.

Well what a contrast to yesterday, which of course was Thursday. Dank Thursday was what I called it, because it was so miserable. Today is Friday and it has been a fabulous day. I woke up to warm Spring sunshine, to give me that wonderful Friday feeling. I find that when the sunshines, I always want to get on and do job, and today was no exception.
Have you noticed that when the sunshines, it always shows up the dirt and dust?
That was the case this morning, and so it spurred me on to get some Spring cleaning done. It will snow next week, I just know it will. I am never normally this early with Spring cleaning.
Having not slept to well again last night, I still had a spring in my step, and even the dog was on his toes for his walk this morning. He must have sensed it from me. Having walked him, and fed him and the cat, I set about getting some jobs done. First on my list this morning was a wash..... No not me silly........ a clothes wash. With that doing, I relit the back cabin stove, which I let out last night as it was way to hot in the back cabin to sleep. On the back cabin stove we use good old house coal, so usually end up smoking people out to begin with. Whilst the washing was doing, and the fire was springing into life, I cooked meatballs in a Sweet and Sour sauce for dinner tonight. I am so glad I am a woman and I can multi task. Ha ha. With that in the back cabin stove. The first load of washing was done and one of the crocheted blankets from the back cabin was then put in for a wash. I did break for lunch and a refreshing cuppa. Before deciding on my next task. Whilst eating lunch, I went on my facebook page, to see what everyone was up to. Whilst on there the survey of the day from the local radio station came up. It was 66% of people consider themselves to be what??? Think about it and I will answer it towards the end of this posting.
After lunch I decided it was time to tackle my brass work outside. I have not bothered to polish it for a couple of months now, due to the weather and the smoke from the chimneys which tarnish it. The mushroom vents and portholes were looking very sad and forgotten. There was nothing for it, they needed some TLC. Firstly I wiped them over with some Cillit Bang, which is great for getting off the grime. It then took some elbow grease and Brasso to get the shine back. They are not perfect yet, but looking much better. Whilst I was sat on the roof polishing away in the sunshine. I got chatting to passers-by. Oh the joy of being out in the fresh air. We always get to chat to some lovely people. The only problem with cleaning brass is the fact that it ruins your nails. I am not one of these women who can wear rubber gloves. mainly because I have an allergry to rubber (long story) and I cannot work properly with gloves on of any sort. So my nails look dreadful. In fact my hands are a mess at the moment, what with humping coal and cleaning brass. One of these days I will have to get some TLC for my hands and nails, but that will have to wait until I end my days of moving coal around. Talking of coal, I have a customer coming tomorrow to collect coal, so I will be up to my elbows in coal dust again in the morning I guess. A coal delivery is also due next week, so I am hoping the weather is kind to me that day.
Ok so did you work out the survey?
66% of people consider themselves to be what???
The answer is Middle Class.
I am not sure what class I am and I really do not care. Is there such a thing as class anymore?
I supposed if I was pushed to say what class I maybe, I would have to say working class. But I really hate that term. We should all be equal. Ok I realise that there is a distinction, because there are those who have lots of money and they have never done a days work in their lives, but I do not like the fact that we are put in classes. The last time that happened to me, I was at school. LOL.

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