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Tuesday 2 February 2010

Do we really care??????

I do not buy newpapers or magazines. The reason being is because I am fed up with reading all their lies and tittle-tattle. I personally think there are more important things going on in the world that should be reported. But at the moment the media is having a field day with John Terry. Terry who plays for Chelsea and is the England Captain, is being ripped apart by the media, because of his alleged affair with Vanessa Perroncel, the ex-partner of Wayne Bridge.
Now come on we all know that affairs have been going on since the beginning of time and they will continue to happen. As long as man has a penis, affairs will always happen. I know us ladies also enter into affairs. Infact we are all as bad as each other. What gets my goat, is the fact that the media seem to think it is in the public interest, when it is a celeb. You do not see them reporting the affair Mr S is having with Mrs M from Manchester. Because they are not celebs they just work in the same building. I just wish the media would leave these people alone to sort out their problems with their other halves. The media see fit to hound these people, until they have destroyed their lives. I realise that some of these celebs are supposed to be role models, but that does not mean they do not have feelings. Not to mention their families and children. Lets take John Terry for a moment. How must his children and family be feeling, with his private life plastered all over the media. I say leave him alone. He needs time to rebuild bridges (No pun intended). I am quite sure they will hounf him, until he is forced to give up the England job. Maybe he can save his marriage if he is allowed to be left a lone. I really don't want to read about this sort of thing, when you have the Haiti disaster going on and people dying all over the world.
Ok rant over with. I just had to get that off my chest.

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