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Thursday 11 February 2010

Cream Crackered.

Hi Folks.

Phewwwwwwww. What a couple of days I have had. Not only have I lifted 5 tonne, I have walked flippen miles and miles. I suppose I should elaborate somewhat.
It all began yesterday morning very, very early and when I say early I mean 2.45am arghhhhhh. Yep I was awake at 2.45am, infact we both were, because it was like an oven in our back cabin, where we sleep. There was nothing for it, but to open the hatch and allow some extremely cold wind into the boat. Whilst the cabin cooled down, I made us an early morning cuppa. Which certainly quenched the thirst, we were suffering from, due to the heat. Having cooled down, we snuggled back down beneath the duvet and got a little more kip, before the alarm went off at 5.30am. Why so early your thinking I know? Well today was the day, when 5 tonne of coal was being delivered, as our hold was almost empty and with the weather still cold, coal is needed. I got up first and made us another cuppa and some breakfast. Whilst the other half got up, I sorted out the fires and then took the mute for a stroll beneath the street lights. I will not walk the towpath in the dark. Once it was getting light outside, we then started preparing the the hold for our new delivery. The sheeting was rolled up and the hold floor swept. At 8.15am, I heard a lorry turn up and low and behold our coal delivery had arrived and the hard work begain. Because the other half is not well at the moment, (More to come on that subject) it was down to me to stack the coal, all 200 bags of it. Each plastic bag holds 25kg of coal, and is neatly stacked in the hold. It took me just over an hour to stack the coal, with the help of the coal merchant lads, who bought the coal to the boat on barrows, ten bags at a time. Whilst I did the hard work, hubby made us all a well earned coffee. The lads left for their next drop and we closed the sheeting again to keep the hold dry. We did very little for the rest of the day, just the usual boat jobs and cooking, and cleaning. You know what I mean, the list is endless for a woman. I fell into bed last night and yet was wide awake yet again early.
This morning we were awake at 5.30am, because we had to go to the hospital to see hubbies Consultant. With a hope that he would decide to take him in. Once at the hospital for an early appointment, we waited for almost an hour to see the Consultant, but we so pleased to see that we were seeing the head man. He did agree to take the other half in and do an exploratory operation, to find the root of his pain, which is now getting out of hand. The consultant admitted that what he has is very, very rare and he does not really know how to treat it. So we are covering new ground with the type of Prostatic Xanthogranulomatous he has. This could be a long and bumpy ride. After leaving the consultant, hubby had to have an MRSA swab taken and we now wait for the letter to come, which tells him to go in. We both hope it will be ASAP. The consultant did put it down as Urgent. We took a walk around the town, had some lunch and then caught the train back to the boat. Which is where we have stayed. I did deliver 3 bags of coal to a customer, but as I feel completely cream crackered, I have no energy for anything else and hope that I will sleep tonight without the aid of Nytol. I will wish you a goodnight.

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