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Wednesday 17 February 2010

Becareful what you say.

Good morning followers.

When I say good, I say it through gritted teeth, because not only is it raining, when they promised snow, I did not get a huge amount of sleep again last night. Lets tackle the first point about the rain. Last night on the local weather forecast, they said we would be getting snow. So we have ended up with rain arghhhhhh. There was I hoping to go out with the camera. No point taking photos of the rain, that would be way to boring. Now to my second point, the lack of sleep again last night. This was due to the other half, not feeling to well and announcing that he felt sick. We both sat up for a while, whilst his stomach decided whether it wanted to throw back its contents. I was so glad that it decided not to bother, as I am not great at deal with the contents of someone stomach in the washing up bowl. When I was pregnant I always hated having morning sickness. I just don't do being sick. Having sat up and had a cup of tea, we both crawled back into bed for some needed kip. He has got up this morning and feels ok now. I reckon he over ate last night, and his stomach was complaining. Whilst he was not feeling his best, our cat thought yippee everyone is up, so this must mean I will get fed. She kept walking over us both whilst we tried to get back to sleep. In the end she gave up moaning and curled up between my feet.

I have been listening to the local radio and the survey of the day is 1 in 5 workers hate what??
It appears that they hate their work colleagues. It would seem that they may greet you with a smile and ask how you are. But behind your back they are being everso slightly nasty. Life in the work place is not all sweetness and light. it is rife with back-stabbing and women are worse than men. The claws come out when it comes to getting on with other women colleagues. Now why does this not surprise me?
I used to work for a very well known store. I was taken on as Christmas staff to begin with, but after the festive period was over, I was offered the job on a perminant basis. Oh boy then I really found out who I could trust. I was asked to take charge of the early morning fill, and that was when the claws came out. Some of the women felt, they should have been given the job, as I had been there five minutes. I told them to take it up with the management. The job entailed making sure staff had their areas to stack, and they had give me the tray tickets after they had stacked the shelves. It was supposed to help with productivity. The only thing it helped with was to get their backs up at me. At one point I was being bullied by an older member of staff, so badly that I spent an hour in the toilets crying. One of the women I got on with very well, made sure that I went to the manager, who was young enough to be my daughter. Warning were issued to the bully, but it was never the same after that. I felt I was being talked about behind my back. I was just doing the job I was asked to do, but in the end it was made impossible for me and I asked to be taken off of it. Funny how they scraped that post completely after I left it. I love the job and the customers were fantastic, but some of the staff were cruel.
A typical female employee will spend around 20 minutes a day moaning about someone they work with, either by email or by instant messaging online they say.
I like to live and let live. I am not a confrontational person. I would rather get on with people, than argue with them. Life is to short I feel. If I have something to say about someone, I would rather say it to their face. Get it out in the open and then move on.

So what will I be doing today. Ummmm not a lot if this rain continues. I really want to clean the brass, but no point in the rain. I have hoovered and tidied, stoked the fires and got rid of the rubbish, walked the dog, fed the cat, who had no food in her dish, which in her mind is a complete disaster. With the way that she creates anyone would think she is never fed. So made a little progress, even though I feel washed out today. I certainly hope you have a wonderful day.

Hugsss and love to my best friend Tina, who had an operation on her knee on Monday xxxxxxxxxx

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