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Friday 12 February 2010

Survey of the Day.

Hi friends.

This survey really did surprise me, knowing how people seem today. The survey on the local radio this morning was:

68% of men say they always do this for women??

Now whether they were telling the truth or porky pies, the answer was Open doors was the answer :-).

Your wondering why it surprised me. Well in this day and age, people seem to be in so much of a hurry and have little repsect for others. But it seems Oh thee of little faith. My other half always opens doors for me, but then he is of the old school, when people had better manners. There was a day when gentlemen always opened doors, and pulled out chairs for their loved ones. I do however wonder if generations to come will keep up this tradition.

After the past couple of days, it has been a blessing to have a quiter day today. I did get a better nights sleep, even though I woke up early hours, I did manage to get back to sleep. A nice cuddle from hubby did the trick. When we did get up at around 8.30am, it was business as usual. Fires stoked, dog walked and breakfast eaten. We then started a clean up, as we had a guest coming to see us. I put the hoover around, whilst hubby got rid of the rubbish and emptied the toilet cassette. Because we have a cat and dog, there is always hair everywhere. Our collie seems to moult all year round and his hair gets into places we rather it did not. So being able to use the hoover is an absolute gift. When we are on the move I only use a dustpan and brush. So it is a luxury at the moment. After hoovering it was time to give the floors a wash. That bit does mean I have to get down on my hands and knees. These days that is done with a groan and a lot of creaking. Our guest was due at midday and we were more than ready for him, when I got a knock on the boat for coal. Taybrite and Housecoal were hauled out of the hold and money exchanged hands, as our guest arrived. We always enjoy inviting people on to our boat. Those who have never been on a boat before, are always amazed at how warm we are and how much room we have. I suppose you can look at it as living in a long thin flat, but this one moves and is harder work. Our guest left at 1.30pm and we immediately had some lunch. I then had to go and collect more tablets for hubby. I hope he comes off of them soon, because it is costing us an arm and a leg. At £7.20 per item and he had three items, you do not need me to tell you it was expensive.
The weekend is almost here and of course Valentine's Day. May I wish you all a wonderful weekend and if you celebrate V Day, have a lovely one.

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