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Sunday 21 February 2010


Sunday's these days are no longer a day of rest, and I guess living on a boat means that is also the case for us. Our morning began with me looking out of one of the portholes, like an excited child to see if we had anymore snow. Not only did we have more snow, it was still snowing when I took Paddy out for his walk yippee. It really was so beautiful, walking in the snow. I have some pics on my big camera and will try and post some tomorrow. it seemed that every dog and walker was out early this morning, so Paddy had to meet and greet them all on our way back to the boat. Breakfast was being cooked by hubby and on the menu was bacon, poached eggs, baked beans and toast. he always does a cooked breakfast, because he does it much better than I can. (That is what I tell him). No it is his speciality. The usual stoking of the fires then took place, as it was still well below freezing. Overnight the temperature had got down to -5.2c, so brrrrrrrr it was cold.
Because we are stuck at the moment, there is little excitement going. We get the occasional boat coming into the basin to wind and use the sanitary station, but with the weather the way it is at the moment, not many boats are moving. Those who were due to leave here after staying over the Christmas and New Year period are staying put until this weather settles, as they do not want to be caught in the middle of nowhere. Now for us that would not bother us, as we make sure we have everything we need onboard and therefore like last winter we have no worries about being in the middle of nowhere. Infact we relish it. But because hubby is waiting to go into hospital, being here is more practical, otherwise we would be gone.
Another of my jobs this morning was to clear the snow away from the boat and off of the sheeting, ready for the customers. I have to think about Health and Safety, not just for the customers but also for myself, because it was extremely slippery. So with very little excitement expected today, it meant I got on with my knitting.

Yep I am knitting dishcloths. I can hear you saying "Why". Well believe it or not they are better than any dishcloth you buy from the supermarket and last a lot longer. I am knitting a stock of them to hopefully sell in the summer, along with hubbys rag rugs. it has given us both something to do.
I am a huge Tatty Teddy fan and have my own small collection. All of these have come from charity shops and market stalls. There is something so sweet and endearing about the Tatty Teddy.
During the day, people came and collected their coal and kindling, which gave me a good opportunity to catch up on any gossip from the towpath telegraph. It seems the biggest topic on everyones lips is the weather and the snow. I love it, but a lot of people are beginning to get fed up with this weather. I am not though.
At the moment here there is a big issue with people allowing their dogs to fowl the footpath. Yesterday morning, someone allowed their dog to crap alongside the boat grrrrrrrrr. I feel very strongly about the fact that people should pick up after their dogs. There is no bad dog, just very bad dog owners. We have Paddy and we always pick up after him. What is so frustrating, is the fact that we have two dog poo bins near us and yet people will still not sue them.
As the afternoon wore into evening there was a knock on the boat, a gentleman wanted to borrow a hosepipe connector. I did not know the gentleman, but am always happy to help anyone in need. He said he would come back with it and also buy some coal and who am I not to trust someone. He did as promised and came back and bought some coal, with a view to coming back again. So that is another new customer.
it is now 7.15pm and already -2.3 c, so another cold night and more snow forecast. I will be awake and peeking through the porthole in the morning, to see if we have anymore of the white stuff. I do hope so. I am now going to settle down and watch 'Dancing on Ice' and the Winter Olympics. So stay safe out there.

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