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Wednesday 24 February 2010

What have you done with your day today??

My day began with Marmite walking over me, having slept on the bed all night. We went to bed at 10.30pm having watched the Winter Olympics. Geesh those people who do the Ski Cross are compltely barking mad. It is fantastic viewing though, which made me cringe, when there were falls. So it was off to bed, Marmite decided that she was going to join us. At the foot of the bed, she scrabbled and fussed to get the crocheted blanket as she wanted it, before finally settling down. On closer inspection this morning, Marmite had made it into a nice cosy bowl, which she had curled up in. With the bed rolled up and the cupboard door shut, it was time to have breakfast and a nice cuppa. Oh for those that do not know about boatmans cabins beds. They are in a cupboard which you pull down into a bed. There is no need to make and tidy the bed every morning, you just roll it away and close the door behind it. Yayyyyyyy easy peasy.
Paddy as always got his walk, but this time I took him on another route, which completely cofused the poor darling. Paddy is coming up to 6 years old, and this past couple of weeks I have noticed that he stands in the middle of the room and goes off into his own little world. It is almost as if he does not know what to do with himself. I wonder if this is a sign of getting older?
Boat jobs were the order of the day, these included emptying the toilet cassette at the sanitary station. We also needed to empty the bins and get rid of the fires ash. Whilst emptying the rubbish, friends Mo and Nessa on NB Balmaha arrived on their boat to fill their water tank. Of course we stood around chatting whilst their water tank filled. it is always wonderful to catch up with such good friends. I invited them around for coffee, and they said they would come later in the afternoon. So I swiftly put the hoover around, as the dog hairs were beginning to build up yet again. Once the boat was tidy and lunch was eaten, Mo and Nessa arrived, which ment the chocolate cake came out and coffee was made. We spent a couple of hours catching up on news, gossip and travel plans. it is always fantastic to see them. All good things must come to an end and Mo and nessa headed off back to their boat on the towpath, with a bag of Supertherm to try. I like to get feedback from customers. It enables me to decide what I am going to stock or not. Whilst getting this bag of coal out of the hold hubby managed to lose another pair of glasses. They fell from his waistcoat pocket and fell into the water, never to be seen again. We did try and fish them out with a strong magnet and a fishing net, but to no avail. This means he will have to visit Specsavers again and get another pair. This is the second pair he has lost in the past month arghhhhhhhh. Men what can we do with them???
Later in the afternoon Ann a facebook friend arrived. We have corresponded on facebook, because she and her husband have a working boat, infact they have three boats and sell coal and diesel. it was wonderful to meet Ann. We discussed business and the idea of selling some of their products, which we will be doing once we know what is happening with hubby. Working boaters try and help each other out when they can. So we look forward to getting to know them better and doing business with them. Dinner tonight has been late, due to a busy day with visitors. It has been fabulous to have friends these past few days visiting us.

The survey of the day today is 94% of people do this in the car?
Now there are quite a few rude answers I can think of, but the answer was Daydream. Which I find a little worrying, because it means the person is not concentration on what they are doing. Maybe this is why there are so many accidents on our roads. I am so glad I am not a driver, not even a back seat one.

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