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Tuesday 16 February 2010


Hi friends.

I bet the title of this posting got your ears pricking up. Or if the latest survey is to be believed maybe not. Because today it was announced that more than a quarter of women aged 35+ say they 'never' have sex. Is this true I wonder?
Apparently women in the Midlands are most likely to make love regularly, with 32 per cent saying they have sex every week. Wooo hoo I am in the Midlands, but hey I am not in that 32 per cent.
You know being a woman of 47 going on 48, I am not surprised with the outcome of this research, because look what us ladies have to put up with. PMT is probably the biggest turn off and Menopause has to be high up there for many women. Not to mention the fact that we are the ones giving birth, so have our nether region stretch to within an inch of their lives. That is enough to put anyone off sex. Whereas most men have high sex drives and would do it anywhere, anytime of the day if they had the choice. Men do however get the male menopause (Andropause), but lets be honest men have it easy. I was think that maybe this is just Girl Power and we are saying NO for a change and if that is the case then go girls. After all we are not all sex crazy are we?

Well it is Pancake Day and I have made some of the little darlings for pudding today. I cooked them on the back cabin stove and they will be put in the oven later with a coating of sugar and lemon. I just hope I have room for them after dinner, which today consists of beef cobbler, with potatoes, cabbage and carrots with a beef gravy. I love cooking on our back cabin stove and it is ideal for slow cooking. The beef was left in the oven overnight to simmer and has come out nice and tender today.
As for the rest of my day, it has been busy with customers for coal and I walked down the town to get some fruit and veg for the next few days. I have managed to knit a couple more dishcloths as well. So not an exciting day, but one which has been nice for me.

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