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Tuesday 2 February 2010

Feeling like a wet weekend.

How is it, that I took two Nytol last night, to aid some much needed restful sleep, only to wake up several times through the night. How can this be?
I thought Nytol was supposed to help you sleep. Not in my case it seems. I wish I knew why I cannot sleep. Maybe it is because I am worrying about hubby, as he is poorly. Or maybe it is my age, as I am menopausal, which has its downside. If your a menopausal woman, you will know exactly where I am coming from. I have been going through the menopause since 2007, after having a hysterectomy in 2004. To be honest it has not been to bad. I get the night sweats and my joints ache, but it has not been to bad. If this problem with not sleeping is part of it, this may become a problem, because I cannot operate unless I get my full quota of sleep.

The weather is a bit unsettled at the moment. After three days of ice, we now have rain again. Someone was telling me that after a few days of milder weather, we are expected to go back to the cold weather for a month. Wooo hoo, alls I can say is bring it on. I love the cold weather, as long as it is dry. Coal sales have been very good this past month, and I am expecting a new delivery this week, so that will keep me busy.

I thought I would leave you today with this little gem.

Brain Teaser for you. This is as light as a feather, yet no man can hold it for long. What is it?

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