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Thursday 4 February 2010

Damp and Dank.

Hi Folks.

Why is it, when the weather is miserable, it can make you feel the same way?
This morning it has been so miserable, with low cloud, causing drizzle. All around is damp and dank, and no matter who you look at they look miserable. It has been a busy coupld of days for me, what with selling coal to new customers, who are always welcome. The hold is now looking a little empty, so hoping my new delivery of coal arrives soon.
Yesterday I took the opportunity to black the boats bow, which is now sitting very high out of the water, due to being almost empty. It is now protected against the elements, when it goes back down in the water, once the coal is onboard. The blacking got chipped off, as we ploughed our way through the ice before Christmas. I kept hoping for a half decent day to apply a coat of blacking and yesterday was my chance. I did however have to warm the backing up first, as it was stuck in the tin. Still all done now thankfully and I can forget about it for a while. I also took the opportunity to clean the back cabin chimney, as the fire was getting a little sluggish. I could see why when I checked the chimney. it was particially blocked by the tar from the coal. So it was time to strip it all down and give it a good going over. I ended up looking like a coal miner, but the chimney was clean and the stove was then relit. During the evening it seemed to go into overtime and would not shut down properly, so it was a rather warm night on our boat.
Today as I said before started out damp and dank, but jobs have to be done. So first of all it was walking the hound. Then we sat down for breakfast with a nice warming cuppa. With the cupboards and fridge looking so pitiful. We donned our coats and rucksacks and headed for the supermarket. I am sure food prices are going through the roof. We just do not seem to get much for our money these days. Back onboard the boat. I put the shopping away, whilst hubby went and paid for the mooring we are using at the moment. Whilst eating some lunch, I was listening to the local radio. Everyday they have a survey of the day. Today's was 36% of men admit that they have no what? Some of the answers were.
No Idea what to do with a ladys nether regions.
No romance. As in are not romantic.
Idea where babies come from.
Personal Hygiene.
The answer was Dress Sense.
It got me thinking. Does it really matter how someone dresses?
Do you really care what your other half looks like?
To me someones dress sense is not important. It is the person under the clothes that matters. If anyone was to look into my dress sense, they would propbably die, because I spend most of my time dressed in cord trousers and shirts. I do however dress up when we go out, but again that involves trousers. I don't own a dress, because we have no hanging space, everything is kept in draws and cupboard and anyway I am not a girlie girl. I hate pink but love blue. I dress to be comfortable and not to keep up with the fashion of the day. So to me a man's dress sense is not important. The first time I met my now husband, he was wearing dark blue jeans, a white shirt and a yellow fleece and I thought he looked fantastic. We are getting way to vain I think. But thats just my personal opinion. I do not dress for anyone else but myself. I guess I am lucky my husband loves me, no matter what I wear, and the same goes for him. I would still love him if he wore a bin bag.

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