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Sunday 28 February 2010

That Sunday Feeling.

Love Is....

when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Sunday Morning and it is oh so ummmmm wet and windy. Yep it is blowing a hooley and chucking it down. Deep Joy ;0). If the weather forecast is anything to go by, it is not going to improve much today. But hey we are getting away with it lightly, because those poor people in Chile are having to put up with the devastation the earth quake caused yesterday. So many deaths and people made homeless. Mother nature is really hitting back at the moment. My thoughts are with them all and the relatives who are trying to find out what is going on.
I had another restless night again last night. Because the other half is poorly at the moment, I have spent the last couple of months, keeping one ear open, in case he is taken bad. The problem with tossing and turning all night, is my ageing body aches all over. It must be a sign that I am getting old. My head says I am 21, but my body feels all of it 47 years and in fact older. So there I am dozing on and off, listening to the wind and rain and things begin to rattle around in my head. I got to thinking about what will I be doing in another 10 years. I am not wishing my life away honest I am not, but hey it does not hurt to plan ahead ;0). I did nod off to sleep again and managed to dream like always. I am a huge dreamer and many of them I remember. This one had me leaving my mobile phone in a lift. (Goodness knows why). I spent what seemed like hours trying to find it. Whilst doing so I was constantly being followed by a blonde haired little boy. How strange is that. I woke up having never found my phone. If anyone knows the meanings of dreams, please tell me, because I constantly have dreams that I remember. I used to have a recuring dream, or maybe I should say it was a nightmare, where I was being chased and then I fell into a hole which I could not get out of. I would wake up crying. That actually scared me, as I would get that one quite often.
So having crawled out of bed to walk the dog. I left the other half in bed with the cat. Paddy hates walking in the rain. He gets very depressed when he is wet. I on the other hand, do not worry about the rain. I find it really refreshing. Paddy's eyes did light up when he spotted another dog playing ball, because he thought maybe he could join in. Paddy will do anything for a tennis ball. Breakfast this morning was mushrooms on toast mmmmm with a nice warming cuppa. I relit the back stove, as I let it go out over night as it was a little to hot in the back cabin for sleeping. There is so much I should do today, but with it being a Sunday, I really cannot be bothered. So I reckon I will watch the end of the Winter Olympic Games, which have been excellent, then see what film delights we have today. I do not know about you, but the TV these days is so boring. I am sick of all the repeats and soaps. Unfortunately where we are moored, we cannot get digital, so we are stuck with just the five normal channels. I am a Film4 fan, but we cannot get it here ;0(. I will be watching 'Dancing On Ice' later to see who goes home this week. What ever you are doing today, I hope you have a lovely day.

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